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The Never Ending Story

admin stator
admin stator

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Post The Never Ending Story   Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:38 pm

Peace everyone,

I've got an idea that I hope you like, and invite you all to participate in it.
starts an open-ended fictional story, then any member can participate
by becoming a co-author, adding to the events, and creating new
characters as he/she wishes, within the rules of the game.

invite you all to compete here by adding events, developing characters
or adding new ones. I'm looking for a theme that portrays the different
ways of life that different people of different belief systems lead.
I'm hoping that the story develop in a way that can help all parties
understand each other better, exchange life experiences, and try to
help non-Muslims find the best way of life.

Game rules

  • Add as much text in a post as you like.
  • add as much posts as you like, but allow at least one post by another member before making your next post.
  • create new character(s) or continue the events with the current ones.
  • the characters you create or add to should be followers of your own belief system only
  • do not advance the time more than 1 month in any given post
  • do not kill the characters or end the story
  • keep the language child-safe clean and simple- avoid advanced English words and terms
  • no comments or direct discussions between members. Post only what adds to the story

This story is a collaborative project, and not just a collection of individual works.
can handle characters created by others, but within the main
characteristics laid out by its creator. In general, only the character
creator can make turning points in the decisions and events directly
related to their created characters. If a co-author wanted out, please
PM me, to suggest another co-author to take over his/her characters
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