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Top Search Engine Placement Tips And Tricks

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Post Top Search Engine Placement Tips And Tricks   Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:22 pm

Top Search Engine Placement Tips And Tricks

Whenever a query is launched in any search box, thousands of corresponding webpages turn up. Because of this, any website owner dreams to be in the top search engine placement. This desire is further fuelled by the fact that only ten relevant search matches appear on the first page of the result sheets.

Landing on the second page and beyond is stark indication that searchers will never see even a glimpse of your website. So as to avoid that, read the following tips that will bring you closer to your dream.

Carefully Pick Your Target Keywords

Through the words that people type in the search boxes, they are able to reach your website. These words then are your target keywords. Ideally, each page in your website should have distinct target keywords which should be based on the content of each page. They should be at least made up of two or more words.

Appropriately Position Your Keywords

There are crucial locations for keywords in a webpage. The HTML title tag of your website must carry your target keywords. This one of the best search engine optimization practices as search engines may rank your website as relevant through it. Compose your titles around the top two or three phrases you would like the webpage to be optimized for. Make them interesting enough to catch any searcher's attention.

When it comes to the article body, you could make use of a primary keyword and a secondary keyword. The primary keyword is the same as the keyword found in your title tag. The secondary keyword may be any two or three word phrase that is related to your primary keyword.

Make your primary keyword appear at least thrice in the article body - in the first paragraph, any of the middle paragraphs and the last paragraph. Your secondary keyword can appear in anywhere in the middle.

Create HTML Links

Another key to top search engine placement is adding HTML hyperlinks to your homepage that may lead to your key inside pages. They may be placed at the bottom of your webpage. This shall make it easier for search engines and searchers to find and follow you. In addition to that, make sure that the internal pages in your website are perfectly linked to each other.

Develop A Network Of Links

Every major search engine uses link analysis as part of its ranking algorithm. By building links, you can help improve how well your pages perform in link analysis systems. Accordingly, understand that this is not all about quantity but the quality of links your website have got. A few ways to build links and backlinks for your website are submission to web directories, article marketing, blog commenting and membership to social media sites. Just keep in mind not to include spamming in your link building strategies.

Share Quality Content

While gaining the top search engine placement entails online strategies, it is still your website visitors that really rate your website as useful and relevant. Strive to provide them with helpful insights which they can share with other visitors.
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