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Finding Work As An SEO Writer

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Post Finding Work As An SEO Writer   Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:24 pm

Finding Work As An SEO Writer

More companies are starting to use the services of SEO or Search Engine Optimization companies to increase the amount of traffic on their websites. SEO companies use the services of SEO article writers so that they can post these articles on the correct websites and this way, search engines will be able to find the websites and list it in a search a lot more effectively. This is an excellent form of advertising as the search engines would then direct a lot more traffic to the website.

Being An SEO Article Writer

An SEO writer usually works on a freelance basis with SEO companies. They write articles for these companies about certain topics and using specific keywords that are given. These articles are then posted on the relevant websites and they help make these websites register as relevant for particular searches that people perform on search engine such as Yahoo and Google.

You can find SEO companies by doing a simple Google search and you can then contact them to find out is they need any more SEO article writers. There are a few companies that only take on writers with some experience but there are many SEO companies that would be willing to give a first-time writer a chance. Many of these companies also advertise on websites like Gumtree when they have work for freelance SEO article writers.

Many companies ask that you submit an example of your work when applying to be an freelance SEO article writer for them. This is just so that they can get an idea of your writing capabilities to see if they are up to standard for them.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being An SEO Writer

One of the biggest advantages of being an SEO article writer is that you have a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to your working hours and frequency. You also decide how much you would like to earn because the amount of work that you do is directly proportional to the amount of your will earn.

Also, because you will be working from home, you would be saving a lot of money in traveling expenses. You would also no longer have to buy a wardrobe of work or office clothes because you will in your house when working. This also means that you would be a lot more comfortable because you can wear whatever you like wile you are working.

One of the disadvantages is that you can start slacking off because there is no-one telling you how much or when to work. If you would like to make a living from writing SEO articles then you need to have a lot or self- discipline and will power. Another down side that many people notice is the fact that you will no longer have work colleagues that you would interact with on a daily basis. There are many people that miss the social aspect of a going into a "day-job" every day.
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