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Sparrows, By Um-Eesaa

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Post Sparrows, By Um-Eesaa   Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:42 pm

I was reading a thread about throwing left ever food and suddenly
remembered this poem writen by my daughter, SubhanAllah she was only 14
when she wrote this, it touched my heart very deeply. I posted it in
the other thread too, Oh no! I'm not spamming the Forum, please take it
isn a positive way, I don't find many people going to the blogs these
days, so I brought something worthwhile from one of the blogs here.,


By Um-Eesaa

Last night’s rice would not be eaten.

After all, everyone likes fresh food.

So I break the cold rice into pieces,

And then sprinkle the balcony with it.

I watch and wait for some creature to come.

My wait is rewarded when a sparrow stops by.

But instead of eating, what does it do?

It hops to the edge of the balcony and starts to chirp.

It continues to chirp until more sparrows come.

And then they all eat together.

As I watch them eat, tears fill my eyes.

And I wonder:

Why is it that such a little bird understands the meaning of unity and sharing,

But we human have yet to smell their essence?

PS. (This poem is based on a true incident that happeed to UmEesaa
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