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SEO Mistakes - Are You Making Them?

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Post SEO Mistakes - Are You Making Them?   Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:53 am

SEO Mistakes - Are You Making Them?

SEO, search engine optimisation, is a key ingredient of web based success. Can you have success without SEO? Sure, but why wouldn't you leverage the power of the search engines? SEO can enhance your success and lower your marketing costs.

Many website owners want to rise to the top of Google but unfortunately, many aren't reaching more than a moderate level of success because they are making some SEO mistakes. Read on to find out about some of the mistakes you could be making. These may not be hurting your business but they could be hampering your ability to get to the top and see climbing traffic rates.

You're Not Optimising Every Page of Your Site

Your home page may be what you think are the very first impression people will get of your website but that's not always the case. Yes, the home page is vitally important but be sure to integrate SEO elements into every single page on your website. By optimising each page you increase the chances of getting traffic, you can target many keyword phrases for your industry, and you increase the chances of getting people who land on other pages to your actual home page.

You Aren't Focussing on the Right Keywords

Keyword research is a very important aspect of SEO. Lackadaisical keyword integration won't do much for you. Some website owners simply look to the obvious keywords but don't really research. The obvious ones may help you a little but true research will help you find underutilised words that your competition isn't targeting but that your prospective customers are searching on. The right keyword strategy will help you dominate the search engine results pages.

You're Not Utilising Your Traffic

Are you taking advantage of the traffic that lands on your website or just wondering why they don't do anything once they arrive? Are you converting them to buyers? Are you getting them to share your pages with others? Are you gaining their permission for future marketing opportunities? Make sure you're doing search engine optimisation but don't only focus on getting them to your site. Make sure you're doing targeted on page copywriting and marketing, too.

You Don't Update Often Enough

SEO works wonders but it's not evergreen. You'll need to update your site regularly to be able to continually rise and then retain positions. An SEO strategy has to be ongoing. Too many website owners invest in an SEO campaign that is done once and then left static. Your SEO company isn't doing you any favours unless they're willing to partner with you on a long term basis. This helps you continually optimise and helps your SEO company be more accountable to your ongoing success.
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