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Link Building Is Vital for Search Engine Optimization

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Post Link Building Is Vital for Search Engine Optimization   Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:55 am

Link Building Is Vital for Search Engine Optimization

In this day and age, as newer websites keep on adding up, it has lead to an increase in total internet traffic; thereby it has only become more challenging to remain on top in the search engines. With so many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies flourishing, there is a lot of work potential in this industry. SEO is a long term investment and the firms who really need their internet presence for their businesses, need to seriously invest in their SEO efforts. Nobody can bring instant rankings for any set of competitive keywords and also nobody can really guarantee a keyword placement or ranking. SEO is really a tedious job, when it comes to offline website optimization or promotion. Submissions are the foundations, and approvals are the end for building valuable back links for the website. Say, if the website is submitted to a thousand directories, it does not necessarily bring in a thousand back links. Only the approved links will be counted.

In the same lines, buying links does not work at all, because at the end of the journey, one will only realize that the links they paid for does not really exist, because the directories themselves have got disappeared from the internet presence. Hence it is wise to submit only to the free SEO friendly directories. Also search engines like Google does not like the links bought for, on the contrary it penalize the websites indulging in such activities. Thus, do not waste the money in this unethical practice.

Building reciprocal links are trickier - if one builds reciprocal links, then clearly a track record has to be kept in regards to: whether or not the link has been approved by those directories. Seventy percent of the directories providing reciprocal links do not even review the submitted listing, so forget that it will be approved in near future and the journey ends by giving a free link to these so called reciprocal link directories. However, if one is keen on building reciprocal links, one has to keep watch for two weeks, by then if the listing is not approved, then take off that reciprocal link from the website. Here be cautious that only industry specific links are counted valid links and adds value to the concerned website. For example if the website is about web designing, then links from similar work area (i.e. web designing or web development) or vertical work areas (i.e. content writing, web hosting, seo services etc.) supporting that specific service will be counted valid.

Both On-page and Off-page SEO are important factors for website promotion organically. Remember one thing: search engine like Google loves off-page website promotion (i.e. Off-page SEO also known as link building) whereas search engines like Yahoo and Bing gives weight age for On-page of the site.

It is crucial to have relevant keywords in the Meta-tags such as title tags, description and keywords as part of On-Page SEO or On-page website optimization. Also, equally important is the website content: relevant keywords must be used appropriately in the content. Hence SEO friendly content is crucial. These are the crucial factors for On-Page SEO to make the website easily searchable among millions of web pages existing on the internet.

When it comes to choosing a SEO Consultant, one must take into account all aspects such as: (i) Methods used for promotion (eg. only white label tactics are valid), (ii) Delivery of the project (time lines), (iii) Pricing for the project.

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