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Affordable SEO

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Post Affordable SEO   Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:38 am

Affordable SEO

If you can find affordable SEO then you are truly onto a winner and this is a great way to invest in your company. SEO is one of the most cost effective and effective-in-general forms of marketing and a great way to ensure that the maximum number of people know about your business and can find your services or products.

So what is SEO? For those not in the know, SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization' and this essentially means tailoring a website in such a way that it gets the most attention from the search engines such as Google. The reason this is important is because most people who use the internet will find the websites they go to by typing a search in Google. That then means that the sites that Google bring up automatically become the most popular websites. If your company is one of these sites then that will mean that more people see your website. Affordable SEO then means that hundreds or even thousands more people find your website and therefore your company and will therefore be more likely to make a purchase of one of your products or to use one of your services. In other words it means more business.

Affordable SEO means more than just lots of people coming to your website though, if the SEO is done well it means lots of the right people coming to your website. You could of course get a million people to your website by tricking them through a link saying 'Free iPads here' and this might seem like a smart move. In reality though that traffic would have no value to you because those people would just come to visit the website, recognize that your site had nothing to offer them and was not what was promised and then leave. In other words the traffic isn't targeted and so its not useful.

With affordable SEO that traffic is targeted and this is simply because the SEO companies will target a specific keyword. In other words the content they add to your site and the links they create for you around the net will all focus on one or two keywords you selected. So if you have a hair salon in a certain area you can target 'hair salon in BLAH' and this will then ensure that anyone who searched for that specific key phrase will find your website. They already want a haircut in your area and so a far higher proportion of these visitors will be converted into paying customers.

Affordable SEO is so great because it brings people straight to your site - unlike advertising on TV which has to impress people enough, or pique their interest enough that they actually voluntarily head there. In other words if you can use affordable SEO, for a fraction of the price of other forms of advertising you can have people on your website hovering over the 'buy now' button - and all of those people will be interested in the service you provide.

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