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How To Get Your Site Indexed In Search Engines?

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Post How To Get Your Site Indexed In Search Engines?   Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:32 am

How To Get Your Site Indexed In Search Engines?

Submitting your site to search engines is the primary to-do thing in indexing a website or blog. This is an easy and simple way to submit your websites to search engines but it doesn't completely serve your purpose, there are chances that your site may not get indexed completely in this way. Now a days major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc prefer to index your page by link method and web-crawlers rate your site with quality inbound links pointing your site. The number of inbound links determine the importance of a website and number of indexed pages increases with importance of a website. This is due to the reason that web-spiders do not go deep into your site if the importance of a site is very low.

Now the question is how to get an inbound link into your site? An inbound link is nothing other than a website pointing a site with a link. The importance of a site grows with the number of inbound links and quality of each link. The quality of the link stands with the PR awarded by search engines to the websites pointing your site. If your pointing link comes from high PR sites, the quality of the link will be greater and importance of your site increases.

In the web there are many free sources available to get links from high PR sites.

* One such site is YouTube, simply create a video about your site and place a link in the description field. It serves as high quality link.
* If you are a good writer, an excellent source of getting back-links is submitting articles in sites like EzineArticles. Write an article related to your site and submit it by placing an link in the resource box provided by article submission sites. These site provides an excellent source for high traffic and quality inbound links to your website.
* Social bookmarking sites are other sources to get back-links such Facebook, Twitter, orkut etc. Creating twitter profile for your site is one way get back-link into your site, many search engine spiders loves to crawl in twitter pages and hang on for more hours.
* There are many other paid methods to get back-links from quality sources. But remember, not to use "nofollow" tag in your inbound link, Google like popular search engines do not crawl to your site if this tag placed in your link.

Three golden steps to improve site importance and index every page.

Get unique content

Do not copy and paste articles into your site, make sure the content for your site is at least 50% unique from the web. Unique content is the primary white-hat technique that everyone should follow in order to improve search engine rankings.

Get quality links

The importance of your site increases with number of quality inbound links pointing your site. Let spiders reach your site from the quality web links and increase your site importance. As your PR goes higher, greater is the probability to index all your pages by search engines. The better idea is to get links to pages rather than into site (i.e home page), it improves quality of each page.

Organize internal link structures

Showcase an easy way for search engines to explore your site with site-maps and HTML links, sometimes they may not be interested to dig deep into your site. This XML site-maps provide an easy way to reach all your pages and index. If a particular page is highly important, make it easily accessible to search engine(i.e don't bury it under deep links).

There are many more techniques to index a site but these are the basic and genuine techniques that help.
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