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4 Steps on How to Get High Search Engine Rankings

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Post 4 Steps on How to Get High Search Engine Rankings   Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:41 am

4 Steps on How to Get High Search Engine Rankings

Driving organic traffic to your website is a daunting task. Learning how to get high search engine rankings means you have to have quality content and must employ various SEO techniques to get free traffic. Although hard, it is not impossible to land on Google's first page. Yes, you have to compete with old and established websites but if you are willing to invest money, time and effort, you can beat them. So roll up your sleeves and let's go down to business.

Step 1 - Follow the rules:

Many try to beat explore engines system by employing new tricks. This is a misconception. If you want to get high search engine rankings, you should only abide by the rules. Don't fall into these traps. Search engines have certified geeks in white lab coats to combat such manipulation. Play by the rules.

Step 2 - Your website's relevance:

Different explore engines have their own set of criteria in choosing which website ranks first on a certain keyword or phrase. However, there are general or common criteria that all search engines agree upon. A search engine looks for your keywords and weighs them in contrast with similar submitted sites. They also check if you have quality websites that link to you. Lastly, high search engine rankings are evaluated on how relevant your website is compared to other sites. So, this means that explore engines primarily favor sites that offer quality content and high relevance to its target audience.

Step 3 - Extend your reach:

Google, for example, is one research engine that focuses more on the quality and relevance of websites. It prioritizes websites that are leaders on its niche or business sector. So having focused content on your niche is important. This doesn't mean you should be contained in a box. Enrich your pages by injecting rich, unique content that will appeal to your audience. Extend your content to other related areas, but don't go overboard. Always keep your central concept in mind and hold on to it.

Step 4 - Refrain from over-stuffing keywords:

Don't try over stuffing your content with keywords and phrases because you are wasting your time. This is one of the most common mistakes. Website engines won't pick you even if your keywords are screaming in bold letters. Your website is not measured by how many keywords you have in each page. You get high explore engine rankings if your website provides a good source of info and possesses substance for the sake of your readers.
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