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4 Ways An SEO Report Can Help Your Business

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Post 4 Ways An SEO Report Can Help Your Business   Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:42 am

4 Ways An SEO Report Can Help Your Business

With the internet and online marketing continuing to gain importance for websites and e-commerce stores, SEO reports are a topic that is often discussed.

In this article we explain four ways in which an SEO report can be helpful for your business. For example it can help you learn more about your competitors, plan for the future and increase your website's profitability.

Firstly, it is important to know the difference between an SEO report and a website audit. A SEO report can include several things, but it will typically include your current website rankings for your main keywords, any comments and recommendations for your on-page optimisation and the same information about your competitor websites, if available. It will also include any analytics information that is available from your website, for example if you have installed Google Analytics or something similar.

In contrast a website audit focuses only on your website itself. It may also have information about aspects relevant to your on-page optimisation, such as the number of pages, keywords, content structure and internal links. Most likely a website audit will also contain information about conversions, such as call to actions, design or copywriting.

Here are four specific ways an SEO report can help you improve your website profitability:

Show your current position

An SEO report will show you exactly where you are at today. Which keywords you are ranking for, which search engines you are ranking in and what position you are at. It will also show you information about your current visitor numbers and therefore help you see how your business has improved.

Show your competitors position

The report will also show your competitors position, which keywords they are optimising for and how well they rank. You can even know how many incoming links they have and where they are coming from. There is some information that is more difficult to get about your competitors, especially information about how many visitors they have and how their conversion rate is.

Show areas for improvement

One of the most valuable aspects of such a report is that it shows you where to improve your SEO strategy and how. When you compare your current position to that of your competitors, you will easily find out who has the larger online market share. You can also see what you need to do improve your position, whether it is to build links or to improve your on-page SEO.

Set milestones

Last but not least, an SEO report will help you to set milestones and KPIs to see whether your ongoing SEO is working. You will find out what recommendations have been made to improve your current SEO, so you can set the milestones of when they should be changed and how you can see improvements.

There are many other ways an SEO report can be useful - it shows you the reliability and professionalism of your SEO provider and it can be a great tool to show your CFO that you need a bigger budget for SEO and online marketing to improve your market share.
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