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Google Places - This One Mistake Will Ruin A Businesses Google Places Listing Rank

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Post Google Places - This One Mistake Will Ruin A Businesses Google Places Listing Rank   Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:49 am

Google Places - This One Mistake Will Ruin A Businesses Google Places Listing Rank

Google Places is a free local business listing that Google compiles. Each listing is titled by the business name found on the Internet. At one time it was known as Google Maps.

The information used for the listing such as the businesses address and phone number is found on the Internet and it's important that the business owner claim and verity their listing so they can correct any inaccuracy.

Even though these listings are free, they are very powerful and can give any business an Internet presence. But, if the information is incorrect, the listing rank will suffer because Google wants to answer their customer's search inquiry fast with accurate, relevant and helpful information.

Of course they compiled the information themselves but it's not always correct and if, for example, they find 2 different addresses or phone numbers for a business, that Places listing will be outranked by other listings that are deemed accurate.

Again, they do this because they want to show the searcher the correct information when they're searching so the accurate listing will be ranked ahead of the incorrect listing if it's shown at all.

Google knows the top listings get most of the clicks so it really behooves any business to update their Places listing with the most up to date information they have.

A good question to have answered is which phone number or address is used when Google finds several different ones. They don't release this information but I have determined from doing many tests they choose it by how many times they find it anywhere on the Internet.

For example, if a business moved and their new address is found on the Internet only a few times while the old address is found several times, the old address will be used on the Places listing until the business owner updates it them self.

And, because multiple addresses were found, the Places listing will be ranked near or at the bottom of the page if it's ranked at all.

In summary, local businesses have a lot more information floating around the Internet then they realize. And even though Google made the listing using the information they found, there is no guarantee that it's current and accurate.

And the biggest mistake any company can make is not searching their own company online, finding the inaccuracies and correcting them. Most of the wrong information is found on the free local search directory listings on sites such as Merchant Circle, the Super Pages, Yellow Book and many more.

If the business has a website, it's imperative that it be updated with current information on each and every page.

Correcting this information is time consuming and the business owner may be better served if this is farmed out to a professional SEO company but no matter who does it, it must be done or their local competitors who outrank them will get the clicks which translates into more customer inquiries, more traffic and hopefully leads the potential customer to the next step, giving the business their hard earned cash.

The Vincent Press is a professional search engine and Google Places optimization company.

You can find an up to date listing of the local directory companies to check for accurate business information here.

The Vincent Press also provides free advice and answers questions any business or SEO firm may have.

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