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SEO-Friendly WordPress Blogs With Permalink URL Link Structure

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Post SEO-Friendly WordPress Blogs With Permalink URL Link Structure   Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:53 am

SEO-Friendly WordPress Blogs With Permalink URL Link Structure

The Permalink URL link structure is much more important to the success of your website than you are probably aware. In order to understand exactly what this feature means to you, you must know something about how search engines work when selecting their best page results. Search engines appreciate a small but potent combination of features when honoring or punishing a website with a high or low ranking, respectively, for its content. The content must be good. People must be interested in what the site owner has to say, and they must flock there in respectable numbers on a recurring basis. But above all, the site's link structure must be clear and coherent for the search bots to pick up on the relevancy of the content.

That's where the Permalink URL link structure comes in to play. It is also a major reason why most sites today use the WordPress Blog format when presenting content to the public. See, WordPress has created a highly intuitive tool that takes the title of a post and creates a permalink, or permanent link, that is clear and easy to understand. The search engine bots know exactly what the page is about and they have a clear point of reference from which to read subsequent tags. When reporting the results, the more descriptive your page is, the better light that bots will actually "see" it in. As a result, they will pass on the information to searchers, and you will enjoy a boost in organic traffic.

With WordPress Blogs that use the automatic permalink URL link structure, you can focus on the one thing that should matter the most to you while putting the technical side largely on auto pilot. And that one thing is content. Chances are you started your website not to play the technical games and learn a whole new vocabulary that you never wanted to. You started it because you felt passionate about a topic, and you wanted to find others, who felt the same way, that would love to engage in the conversation with you. Maybe you also wanted to make some money on the side, but remember that the more authentic and involved a website is, the better chances it will have of becoming a financial success as well.

So you really should give the content on your site everything that you've got. Without strong content, your audience's interest will quickly fade. But you can't neglect the technical side either. It plays a very real role in where you are ultimately ranked. That's why you need solutions that are SEO friendly. Solutions that will take your mind off the details. That's why you need the automatic WordPress Blog format.

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