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What An SEO Professional Actually Does

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Post What An SEO Professional Actually Does   Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:54 am

What An SEO Professional Actually Does

People who wonder about what does an SEO expert actually do, usually ask how much should you pay for SEO. When they realize the answer to the first question, the second one really needs no answer. They are worth their weight in gold for their abilities to get your site ranked higher on the search engine results page. Staying ahead of the SE companies is a full-time job.

Website design is something anyone can do with web page creation software, but these programs lack the ability to address daily changes in markets and SE requirements. A professional human knows the basic structure required for optimization, as well as minute details to enhance page ranking. Specific use of Meta tags greatly improves SE indexing.

Website analysis and optimization are a part of both new business site construction and those that have been around for any length of time. Analysis involves comparing your site with others that rank higher than yours do and isolating the differences. By incorporating those changes into your site, it can improve your position on the search engine ranks.

Keyword research and development has emerged as more than a science and become an art form. Millions of businesses are competing for the same product identification and requires more than product names and cute phrases. The development of these words includes finding new uses for otherwise unknown connections from old product and service ideas to new ones.

Back-links do happen by accident from friends placing links to your site, but these are far less than required to convert thousands of visitors into buying customers. To impress the search engines, these links must meet the criteria of quality back-links. These require knowledgeable professionals who locate related areas and manage to obtain the comfortable position.

PPC development is something that many people think only requires the basic site keywords, a little more text, and they have a PPC ready for use. The minimum price for these is only a penny and most DIY entrepreneurs quickly realize it takes more money than this to make their ads show at the top. Other competitors pay much more and earn the right to top billing on other websites.

Social marketing includes blogs, tweets, and personal information sites where most people only interact as friends. However, these social areas are responsible for many business offers going viral. When carefully focused SM marketing uses social networks, where posts and content generate interest, these professionals know what arenas to include and those to ignore.

At this point, it should be obvious what does a SEO expert actually do, and how much you should consider paying them for SEO. These professionals stay informed of the latest in SE requirements, and know how to get your site ranked highest on the search engine rank pages.

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