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We just celebrated the smallest Amazon Rainforest deforestation rate of the past three years:17 thousand square kilometers. This corresponds almost to the half sizeof the Netherlands. We have already been able to destroy 16% of thetotal rainforest area, which corresponds to twice the size of Germanyand three areas corresponding to the state of Sao Paulo. We do not have a reason to celebrate it at all.Amazon is not planet's lung, but renders services to Brazil and to theworld. This green vastness extending over five million squarekilometers is a thermal layer generated by nature to prevent thesunrays from reaching the ground, and thus enabling the existence ofthe most luxuriant forest on earth, which helps to regulate theplanet's temperature.It has been tilted in its exuberance, raped by unscrupulouslumberjacks, who set its emerald coverage on fire, giving way toforeigners that humiliate the forest by planting pasture or soybeanover its centenary chestnut-tree ashes. In spite of the extraordinaryeffort for conservation unit implementation as an alternative for thesustainable development, the deforestation continues. Even after Chico Mendes' blood having sealed the men/nature pact, aswell as the rubber latex extractor and Indian, even after the forestpeople alliance "for the right to maintain our forests untouched, as weneed them for survival", even after several sagas full of heroism,death and passion, the Amazon deforestation continues.As in the past, we consider the Rainforest as being an obstacle toprogress, an area that has to be subdued and conquered. An enormousland stock that might be turned into low production pastures, soybeanplantations and vegetable species to be used as alternative fuel oreven inexhaustible wood, fish, gold, mineral and energy sources. We are people with no responsibility at all. Thedeforestation and burning are symbols of our incompetence to understandthe susceptibility and instability of the Amazon ecosystem and how todeal with it.A country that possesses 165.000 square kilometers of abandoned orsemi-abandoned deforested areas might double its grain productionwithout having to fell one single tree. Without the forest the soilwill be of no avail. It is urgent that we become responsible formanaging our natural resources' leftover.Thus, from our point of view, the only reasonable proceeding todiminish the almost irreversible deforestation effects, is given under§ 4 of Article 225, of our Federal Constitution:
"The BrazilianAmazon Rainforest (...) is a national inheritance, and its use will beperformed within law requirements, which assure the environmentpreservation, even with regard to the use of its natural resources".Having its enforcement to be implemented on municipal, stateand federal levels, thus assuring THE IMMEDIATE INTERRUPTION OF THEBRAZILIAN AMAZON RAINFOREST DEFORESTATION. NOW!Time has come to visualize our trees as monuments of our culture and history.WE ARE FOREST PEOPLE!
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