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Prostatitis: A Breakdown Of Treatments

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Post Prostatitis: A Breakdown Of Treatments   Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:03 pm

Prostatitis: A Breakdown Of Treatments

What is Prostatitis? Prostatitis can be defined as an infection in the prostate, or it can also be an inflammatory reaction without an infection. Prostatitis is common and there are lots of prostatitis treatments available for men who suffer from prostatitis. Some prostatitis treatments include visiting the doctor, while other prostatitis treatment options include natural supplements to deal with the prostatitis.

A popular strategy for prostatitis when an infection is involved is to prescribe a course of prescription antibiotics. When there is an inflammatory reaction alone, on the other hand, this would not help. Pain management and possibly physical therapy would then be employed to manage the signs or symptoms. Various guys elect to deal with this on their own - searching for natural options and dietary supplements in place of going to a normal physician.

If you're looking for a natural prostatitis treatment, you'll need to first consume a lot of water. This helps keep your whole body flushed and that is crucial. As far as health supplements go, try to take things with anti-inflammatory properties; they help to scale back the actual puffiness of the prostate gland. Cranberry fruit juice can be another important element of a natural prostatitis treatment. It helps rid the body of harmful bacteria and wash it aside.

Your diet is also important with regards to prostatitis treatment plans. Men with prostatitis should consume a diet of whole, fresh, unrefined and unprocessed foods. This should consist of fruits and vegetables. Whole grains, soy, beans, plant seeds, nuts as well as some seafood like fish are important parts of a prostatitis treatment diet. Things to avoid include sugars, dairy, refined as well as deep fried foods, and caffeine containing drinks.

Consider these supplements:

Zinc - the prostate concentrates as well as secretes zinc


Probiotics & Proteolytic enzymes

Flaxseed - ideal for fiber intake

Vitamins E & C

Herbal Supplements:

Flower pollen extract

Bearberry -- for the urinary tract (diuretic & antiseptic)

Goldenseal - (antiviral as well as antibacterial)

Saw Palmetto

Echinacea - (antiviral and antibacterial)

You should take into account that you have to seek advice from a medical doctor when considering any health supplement, as they possibly can negatively interact with any existing medications you could be on.

Prostatitis can be quite painful. It's also an extremely personal predicament that must be discussed with your physician to come up with the proper treatment course that is customized to you. This is simply not a 1 size fits all remedy. Every man is different and what may have worked for your cousin, father, or even next door neighbor won't always be what works for you the best. Supplements may be sufficient to keep yours under control, or you may be one of the unlucky types who absolutely need surgery. Either way, the remedies ought to be well studied and well thought out before being used.
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