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Aspergers Diet - Can Removing Gluten and Casein From Child's Diet Really Improve the Symptoms of AS?

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Post Aspergers Diet - Can Removing Gluten and Casein From Child's Diet Really Improve the Symptoms of AS?   Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:14 pm

Aspergers Diet - Can Removing Gluten and Casein From Child's Diet Really Improve the Symptoms of AS?

When you make the perfect decision for cooking at home, you should maintain the few essential guidelines for conducting the cooking process. Frankly speaking, gluten is not healthy for human beings and you need to pay full concentration to avoid gluten mixed food. Even there are many food and snacks manufacturing companies which offer cake, cookies and other confectionery items which are made of the good quality ingredients and these snacks and confectionery food items are fully free of gluten. Do you think how competently you will be able to collect those food items which are not only qualitative but also these food items are out of the danger of the gluten? Well, you need to take the full advantage of the internet service which is considered to be the most effective tool to collect the products with product details.

Search the internet and you will definitely find out the long list of the food items which are gluten free and this packed foodstuff is available at the comfortable price rates. So instead of bemoaning your fate, revel in it! Bring all your favorite foods. Heck, bring an extra suitcase full of GF booty! Previously used pots were invariably used to make gluten-containing foods, particles of which will be trapped in pores of the surface regardless of countless dishwasher washings and material (on nearly all previously used kitchen utensils or pans, contamination is a given). (The next time a fork comes out of the dishwasher, take a good look between the tines and see how many tiny bits of food remain.)

Don't let little invisible gluten particles ruin your vacation! Take these kitchen tools with you:

• Thermos or other insulated container

• Insulated lunch bag/box

--- Disposable Ways to Eat ---

Wipe down all surfaces: counter, stove top, microwave (buttons of the control panel, door and interior),

New Sponge

Don't use a sponge that just scrubbed a lasagna pan! Spend the few cents on a new fresh one and keep it in a special "Glutenless Zone!"

Fresh Soaps

Previously used soaps (bar soap, pumped hand soap, dishwashing liquid) were touched with hands that may have just dusted the counter with flour for a pie crust. - Some parents, doctors and researchers say that children have shown mild to dramatic improvements in speech and/or behavior after these substances were removed from their diet.

- Some also report that their children have experienced fewer bouts of diarrhea and loose stools since starting a gluten-free, casein-free diet.

- Some people report no benefits from this diet.

According to one theory, some aspergers children cannot properly digest gluten and casein, which form peptides, or substances that act like opiates in their bodies. Some scientists now believe that peptides trigger an unusual immune system response in certain people. Research in the U.S. It may be hard to locate a substitute for the milk your child loves, although many children do adapt to the gluten-free, casein-free soy, potato, almond and rice milk substitutes available.

Foods that CAN be eaten on a gluten-free, casein-free diet include rice, amaranth, potato, buckwheat flour, soy, corn, fruits, oil, vegetables, beans, tapioca, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, nuts, eggs, and sorghum, among others.

Gluten free recipe:


soy yogurt

1 Tbs. grated lemon peel

2 tsp. Lemon juice
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