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These Two Blackhead Removal Methods May Be All That You Need

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Post These Two Blackhead Removal Methods May Be All That You Need   Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:43 am

These Two Blackhead Removal Methods May Be All That You Need

Acne is a serious problem. It's not serious because it will kill you, or leave you permanently disabled, but it can have huge effect on your self-esteem, and your happiness. In what is commonly the most horribly dreaded form of acne, the blackhead can really make you feel lousy. This is exactly why so many people are always searching for a good blackhead removal method.

Blackheads are really not that different from regular pimples, or whiteheads. They both begin the same way, but as they grow they end up differently based on the internal dynamics of what is really going on under the surface, pimples end up looking like pimples, like blackheads end up looking even more horrible. Of course, it's always better to try a few different methods and see what works best. This article is about just that, demonstrating to you a pair of very useful methods that may just be all you need.

The primary technique uses both a steam bath, and a good facial scrub. First clean your face with regular soap and water. Then fill up your sink with hot water, and lean over it, so your face is a few inches from the water. Then put a big towel over the back of your head, making a little steam bath for your face. Once your face has been steamed for a few minutes, your pores should be nice and open.

Once your pores are open, you can scrub your face with a good micro pore based cleanser. These are a kind of soap that feels like there are tiny bits of sand inside, and they are really good at removing dead skin and opening your pores. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as you don't to remove too much dead skin. For best results, do this every couple days or so to get your face clean and clear.

The other method is to use an enzymatic cleanser. These are filled with enzymes, that can break down the oil that is causing your pores to be clogged. Begin with cleaning your face with normal soap and water, and afterward, use a good enzyme based cleanser. You can also find these in creams, so that you can apply them and leave them there to do their magic.

Naturally, these will work best when used together. First clean your face, then steam your face, then use the special abrasive cleanser. Then when you are finished, apply the enzymatic moisturizer. Your face should be clean and clear of all acne in no time. And if you do this on a regular basis, you can keep acne from coming back.
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