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Britain Bomb Investigation Broadens

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Post Britain Bomb Investigation Broadens   Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:21 am

Britishpolice have stepped up security operations throughout the country andhave broadened the search to other nations in their attempt to unravelwhat they believe is a cell of Muslim extremists suspected ofinvolvement in three attempted car bombings. At least eight suspectsare now in custody, one arrested in Australia.
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By Sonja Pace
03 July 2007

British police have stepped up security operationsthroughout the country and have broadened the search to other nationsin their attempt to unravel what they believe is a cell of Muslimextremists suspected of involvement in three attempted car bombings. Atleast eight suspects are now in custody, one arrested in Australia. British media have identified the second man believed to have driven anexplosive laden jeep into Glasgow airport on Saturday. They say he isa doctor named Khalid Ahmed and is hospitalized with severe burns.VOA's Sonja Pace has this report from London. As British police continue their investigation into the bomb plot, the list of suspects in custody is growing.British media are calling it the "doctors' plot" because at leastfour of the suspects are physicians, and news reports indicate all ofthe suspects may have worked in some capacity in the medical field. The suspects are believed to be of non-British origin and includedoctors from or trained in Jordan, Iraq and India.Police made the first arrests Saturday, apprehending the two men whorammed their burning four-wheel drive vehicle into Glasgow airport inScotland. One of them has been named as Bilal Abdulla, an Iraqiphysician. The other occupant of the car was taken to a local hospitalwith severe burns on his body.That attack came just a day after two abandoned vehicles, laden withgas canisters, gasoline and nails were found in central London.Another man, described as Jordanian surgeon Mohammed Asha, was arrested with his wife late Saturday.A third doctor, Mohammed Haneef, 27, from India was detained at theairport in Brisbane, Australia late Monday as he tried to board a plane."The man has been taken into custody and questioning is under way,"said Australian Prime Minister John Howard. "There is a second personwho is currently assisting the police with their inquiries."Police believe they are dealing with a terror cell either linked to or inspired by al-Qaida.The main British Muslim umbrella organization has strongly condemnedthe attempted bombings. Speaking at a news conference in London, theSecretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, Muhammad AbdulBari, said no cause can justify such actions. "Those who engage in such murderous actions and those that providesupport for them are the enemies of all, Muslims and non-Muslims, andthey stand against our shared valued in the UK," he said.Security in Britain remains tight. A terminal at London's busyHeathrow airport was evacuated Tuesday as police checked out asuspicious package and all flights to and from Terminal Four weretemporarily halted. In Glasgow, police carried out, what they term,"controlled explosions" on a car linked to the bomb plot investigationalthough they stress the car did not contain explosives.
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