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The Best Vacations are In Costa Rica

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Post The Best Vacations are In Costa Rica   Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:25 am

A land that is praised many pleasant surprises; Costa Rica isthe utopia to all who are interested in jungle adventure, rain andcloud forests, eco-tourism trips, wildlife and water sports. All thatunites to form the perfect recipe for a perfect vacation. There’s moreto do in this secured, tropical paradise, than you can think aboutwhile relaxing on any of the pristine, tropical beaches.

Costa Rica has long been acclaimed the exotic vacation spot thoughevery trip to the land reveals something undiscovered to every personon every visit. A vacation here is always full of amazing naturalsights, exciting activities, warm people and a relaxed mode of life.The unsurpassed natural beauty is responsible. Costa Rica is also atreat when it comes to its warm and hospitable inhabitants.

There is not one, but three live Costa Rican volcanoes that erupteveryday. Depending on where in Costa Rica you visit, you can actuallywatch the eruption of the Irazú, Poás and Volcan Arenal. The attractivebeaches like the Pavones, Cahuita and Drake Bay let you absorb thegoodness of a sunbath and the sea. For tourists who are more active,there are activities such as snorkeling, fishing, swimming, riverrafting, etc.

For the even more adventurous crowd, Costa Rica brings severaloptions in the form of warm water surfing, deep sea as well as freshwater fishing, and SCUBA diving. Recently a large investment was madeon Harley Davidson, Road King motorcycles and they were shipped toCosta Rica, so that all the motorcycle enthusiasts could ride up to thevolcanoes. Aptly named as Ride the Volcano tour, a trip on themotorcycles shall bring every rider closer to the nature on the longand winding roads.

If you are under the impression that Costa Rica is a place thatcaters only to the need of frivolous young people, we would like toinform that it has already become a prominent mark in the golfing mapattracting vacationers and businessmen by loads to Costa Rica Golfingin San Jose. There are golfing packages and tours galore.

There are more than 25 national parks and sanctuaries in this smallcountry less than the size of West Virginia. Montverde is a10,526-hectare/26,000-acre Cloud Forest Reserve and nests a fewthousands plants and animals. This misty dense forest remainsabsolutely unscathed by development. Manuel Antonio National Park hasthree interconnected white sandy beaches and a forest with the largestvariety of monkeys. A little piece of Venice can be experienced at theTortuguero National Park. Its specialty lies in the network ofnavigable canals that can be traveled on boats. The canals havemangrove forests along the edges that comprise a diverse array ofwildlife. However, if greeneries are the only things that grab yourattention, the Canopy or the tree top tours can take you upon a wildride.

On the cerebral and a more sedate side, the Aerial Tram offers abird’s eye view of the surrounding jungle just like the SkyWalk on thehigh wire bridges that exists between trees and runs over the deepgorges. However, for the down-to-earth people, the Lankester Gardenswith its 170 sq. km area provides solace. And for the fisherman,world-class sport-fishing charters are available on both coasts,bringing marlin, sailfish, tuna and dorado on the Pacific side andtarpon and snook on the Caribbean.

Traveling in Costa Rica will not pose a problem at all since SanJose has two large domestic carriers. Moreover, the bus service isextremely reasonable, dependable and travels to almost all the cornersof the country. During your stay, at the coastal regions you canexperience the coral reefs and also witness dolphins, whales, seaturtles and other marine creatures. Hence, visiting Costa Rica givesyou a scope to immerse yourself in the goodness of Nature.

by David Lovendahl, Costa Vista Marketing

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