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Instant Paid Surveys

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Post Instant Paid Surveys   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:20 am

Discover How To Consistently Receive

Huge Checks At Your Doorstep From Big

Corporations Who Are Dying To Know

Your Opinion

our Opinion Is Worth Gold To Companies That Need To Know What Services And Products Attract Regular Consumers Like You

That’s Why They Will Pay You

For Doing Their Market Research

You Just Give A “Thumbs Up” Or “Thumbs Down”

To Whatever They Say!

Even though it’s hard to
believe, most folks don’t know that big businesses are happy to dish
out cash and products in exchange for simply filling out a form online.

Let me explain…

Business has to do as much research as they can before rolling-out new
products and services to the public. Because if they don’t, and what
they are selling isn’t being bought, it’s like dumping a truckload of
money into a waste fill.

And guess what? In spite of all their
fancy-shmancy marketing gurus and in-house research teams, they still
manage to come out with some real stinkers:

Miller™ Breweries, who mastered the “lite-beer” market, completely flopped with Miller Clear – a colorless beer.

And who can forget
when Coca Cola ™ failed miserably with “New Coke”. Until that failure,
Coca Cola had the lion’s share of the market.

Coca Cola’s bad read of what the general public wanted is just one of the best known marketing flops.

can get a sense of how big a problem incomplete research is when you
visit the International Supermarket And Museum in Naples New York – it
has over 60,000 failed products on display!

These product failures
usually happened because companies relied on their own in-house
researchers and because the researchers really wanted the products to
go to market. They had a lot to gain personally by launching new stuff.

Even when large companies opened their doors to invite everyday shoppers into their head offices to ask them their shopping
preferences, there were often big differences between what people in
different parts of the country liked and what the global market

It finally dawned on the
brainiacs in big business that they needed a representative sampling
from everyday consumers from across all geographical areas, income,
education levels, gender, and age.

Initially, companies
tried (some still do, darn it!) contacting a cross-country sample of
people by phone, unannounced – and uninvited.

But when companies saw
that access to the internet was becoming accessible to most everyone,
they realized that the cheapest and most efficient way to get thousands
of people nation-wide to answer marketing surveys would be through the World Wide Web.

And, more importantly, big business woke up to the need to compensate survey takers for their time by offering cash, products and prizes in return for completed surveys.

And that’s where you come in.

Gas grills like this one here are also popular survey prizes

Here’s Your Key To A Low-Profile Cash Cow

Most Of The Public Is Unaware Of -

And Those In the Know Are Steadily Making “Found Money”

Hi, my name is Crystal, and just like it
has happened for me, I believe you can have the easiest (and legal)
part-time or even full-time income you can possibly imagine; all from
the security, comfort, and familiarity of your home.

In a minute I’ll clarify what’s involved. But before I tell you, I want to share one of my days with you…

Imagine that
you see yourself at your new “home office”, perfectly at ease and
dressed in your favorite bumming around getup. The sound of light
laughter on the radio wanders your way and makes you smile, you’re glad
to be home, who can work anywhere else?

You’re also visualizing how happy your children have been since you started working on surveys
at home. And how grateful you feel that you can spend quality time in
the morning (and afternoon) with the kids – being how you aren’t
chained to a job outside the home.

Imagine how serene, yet focused you feel, relieved at having control of your time on your terms, knowing that a Instant paid surveys income permits you to do what’s important to you.

changes happen a lot lately, and stress-free work from home where you
choose your own hours is wonderfully empowering.

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You have friends that also make money from doing surveys: A full-time student on a tight budget that is delighted to be able to make cash money anywhere her laptop can connect to the Internet. And another friend who already has an office job downtown; she uses the survey money for her “extras”.


to your momentarily forgotten PC, you easily find the last place you
were at in the online questionnaire. You were being asked to identify
the breakfast cereal you see most often during Television commercials

You then move
your mouse over the little checkbox beside the breakfast cereal you
remember the most during TV commercials. A simple click of the mouse in
the checkbox completes this particular questionnaire. And a pleasant
feeling fills you for a few moments – that survey paid $20 and it was so easy to do!

Not bad pay when you can do it several times a day if you wish, doing so on your schedule (not someone else’s) – and all that’s required is some easy mouse clicking.

But $20 isn’t the highest payout. Uh-uh. It can go much higher than that. I’ll explain shortly.

Here’s What Makes Instant paid surveys Different

Than Other Types Of Work At Home

(It Also Answers Some FAQs)

· No special software to install or run.

· No
technical or computer skill required; you’re good to go if you have an
internet connection and can point and click a mouse.

· No Website ownership or Website maintenance required.

· No specialized learning or education needed. You’re perfect as you are.

· No pressure.

· No Multi Level Marketing

· No “cold calls” to make.

· No calls to make, period.

· No product “house parties”.

· No products to sell.

· No inventory to carry.

· No financial risk.

· No Supervisor or Manager directing or inspecting what you do.

· No collecting orders or money either for or from other people.

· No business overhead.

· No deliveries to make or arrange.

· No quotas.

· No requirement to hound friends and family in order to make a living.

Look How Much Cash You Can Stash
Taking Paid Online surveys
(Even When Using The Smaller Payouts As An Example)

2 surveys a day @ $20 per survey =
$280 per week or $1,120 per month or $13,440 per year!

4 surveys a day @ $20 per survey =
$560 per week or $2,240 per month or $26,880 per year!

6 surveys a day @ $20 per survey =
$840 per week or $3,360 per month or $40,320 per year!

paid for on-line surveys doesn’t just give you a helpful income stream.
In addition, it makes you the boss of a small one-person business where
you call the shots and determine how much, how little, and when you
want to work.

A Little-Known Method

For Making cash money That Allows You To Work As Much

Or As Little As You Wish

How much you make depends on how many on-line surveys you want to do.

Some surveys payout less than $10, some are worth $15, $20, $35 or more.

But wait, that’s not all…

Besides The Online Surveys,

You Might Want To Offer Your Advice

As A Member Of A “Product Study Forum”,

And Rake In An Average Of Almost $120 Per Forum!

Study Forums are similar to an online
survey…except Study Forums last longer and require some additional
participation. Which explains the reason for much higher pay-outs.

Each Year, Big Business In America Spends $41 Billion

On Public Opinion Research

Businesses need to be sure about the
buying habits and tastes of the general public. That includes people
that are housewives, the disabled, students, the unemployed, retired
folks, or full-time employees.

Your path to earning cash online with Instant paid surveys.

Over 6,130,000 firms in the United States want to
pay you for your opinions, and they make it easy by letting you
interact with them from home, when it’s convenient for you.

There’s just one problem. A missing link.

Most of these firms outsource the surveys to specialists in public

opinion polls and such. The missing link is a one-stop resource that

can connect you to hundreds of these specialized businesses that

look after the people who want to give you cash for your opinions.

And that is how Instant paid surveys comes in to the picture.

Instant paid surveys is your missing link. They have built up a list of

over 500 specialized firms that represent businesses that want your opinion

and are willing to pay for that privilege.

Instant Paid Surveys Will Share With You

Access To 500 + Specialized Firms

That Will Give You Cash, Products, And Prizes

On Behalf Of Their Business Clients

For Your Opinions…
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