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Friday the first day of the festival of the Muslims

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Post Friday the first day of the festival of the Muslims   Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:47 pm

Article Ialanipgda Thursday complements to thirty days of the month of Ramadan
Royal Court announces: Friday, the first day of Eid al-Fitr
Abdallhalbrquaoui- Fahad Al-Otaibi - was - above - follow: Msaoualeom royal courtannounced Wednesday that on Thursday complements to thirty days ofRamadan and a day after Gdaljmap first of the month of Shawwal 1431 AH.

TheCourt in the statement: "The Supreme Court held its headquarters SummerTaif meeting this evening reported Wednesday the twenty-ninth of themonth of Ramadan 1431 e Mtharip Merdha seeing the crescent of Shawwalthis year, after informing the Supreme Court Alyba the statement tothis effect, study decided that tomorrow is the complementary for the month of Ramadan. "

Thecourt stated in its decision: "Given the evidence of the holy month ofRamadan in Iumaloravae approved 1/9/1431 H and non-sighting of thecrescent of Shawwal pm Today Past Wednesday the twenty-ninth of themonth of Ramadan 1431 H, and because the Prophet Saliallah Maria," Fastwhen you see it and stop fasting when you see the cloud then completekit "OnThursday, the ninth of September - September 2010 Almkmelllthelathin isthe blessed month of Ramadan and on Friday the tenth of SeptemberOilolaam 2010 is the day of Eid al-Fitr lunar month of Shawwal thisyear."

AndHnotalmgmp top of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince and DeputyII and Overnmpouchaab Saudi Arabia and the residents of Eid Al FitrAlambarxailp Almighty God to accept them fast and do good deeds andOnovgahm to work to his satisfaction at all times and times and ask him- almost all filled - that reunited and unites the right word andfit in with them and grant victory to his religion and he IalikelmthAlmighty Ever-near and Mujib, and blessings of Allah and peace andblessings be upon our Prophet Mamedually his family and his companions.

TheAstronomical Society in Jeddah announced Angrop the moon before the sunsets in the western region. 
 The head Aljmaipalflakip Jeddah Maged AbuZahara's "already" sunset the moon before sunset Achammspenho 9 minutesin Mecca and Jeddah, pointing out that the new moon of ShawwalTattabromra impossible in all regions of the Kingdom, However, he pointed to the existence of planets and 4 Nujomzart after sunset was confused on some monitors
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