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Survey Policy

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Post Survey Policy   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:05 am

<table style="height: 100px;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="548">

<td height="100" width="131">

<td style="padding-right: 20px; padding-top: 10px;" height="100" valign="top" width="397">Welcome To SurveyPolicy

Your source for quick and profitable paid online surveys, focus
groups and mystery shopping recruiters.


</table>Get Paid to participate in surveys and research studies!
companies spend millions and millions of dollars to study human
behavior for marketing and scientific purposes. They are constantly
looking for people to participate in surveys
in order to get a reaction towards a new product, a new commercial, a
movie, a certain law, competitors, or anything you might think of.

Be a part of these studies and get paid.
We connect you with over 500 companies looking desperately to pay for thoughts.

paid surveys

What is paid surveys/paid online surveys?

Companies hire online survey companies to do surveys
for them. The companies do so because they want to gauge how the
market feels about given products, ads, ideas, etc. So, the paid
online survey companies create surveys and then hunt for survey participants.

The survey companies will not try to sell you anything and you are not obliged to buy anything.

A survey is simply a list of questions presented on a form. Typically, the online surveys you'll do consist mostly of yes/no and multiple choice questions.

Steps to take to do surveys...

1) You click the links to survey companies that we provide (all are free to join).
Try this one as a real example: Click here

You are immediately transported right to their sign up form page. You
just enter in your name, address, etc. and then click Submit. You can
use form filling software to type in the form for you in just one
click. Generally, the sign up forms are 1 page in length (some are

survey sign up forms shouldn't take more than a few minutes to fill in
and if you download our form filling software it will take you few
Click here to see a sample paid survey

You'll soon get into a rhythm and sail through them. There's
a bit of a learning curve like anything else. The form filling
software, familiarity with the form questions, direct links,

and experience will help you speed through it.

3) After you click the form's Submit button, the survey company will email you a confirmation letter (usually immediately after you submit the sign up form). Open up that email and click the appropriate link inside. This confirms that you wish to do surveys for the survey company in question.

If you do not get the survey company's email, be sure to check your "Bulk", "Junk", "Spam", or "Trash" folders just in case the confirmation email ends up there. More on that later.

4) When a survey campaign comes up that fits your criteria (age range, geographic location, etc.), the survey company will email you an invitation to do a survey for pay (what I call the survey invitation).
just click the link in that survey invitation email and you'll be taken
to the survey (which is a form with questions). Just click the
appropriate answers.

will not always be accepted to do a survey for them. Try not to get
discouraged. They'll send other survey invitations. Patience and
persistence is one thing that separates the successful survey doers
from the others.

So, what does a survey look like? What do you do when confronted by a survey?

Most questions are yes/no and multiple choice. You just use your mouse to click the answer that best represents your
view. Go with your first thought. Don't make it hard... surveys are
quite easy. As mentioned before: These aren't tests, so don't panic.
There are no wrong answers (provided you stick to the question!).

In many cases you can check the "No answer" of "Don't know" box.

Look at how much money can be made just with surveys:1 survey a day at $10= $70 a week, $280 a month! = Car payment!
2 surveys a day at $10 each= $140 a week, $560 a month! = Vacation!

3 surveys a day at $10 each= $210 a week, $840 a month! = School tuition!

5 surveys a day at $10 each= $350 a week, $1400 a month! = You decide. Benefits:

  1. We are the only paid survey site that provide you with a streaming list of focus groups and survey job postings, updated automatically every minute and directly from recruiters(using rss feeds).
  2. Our database consists mostly of research companies and not advertisers offering you an entry to sweepstakes or offers.
  3. Get access to over 500 best paid surveys, focus groups, and mystery shopping recruiters from one place.
  4. save time and clicks by going directly to the sign up page of the recruiting companies.
  5. You can read a small
    summary, for most of the sites listed before visiting them. Such as an
    overview and country or state it covers.

  6. Download and use the form
    filling software. Fill and submit forms with one click. It also saves
    your login name and password for each site, our members love it!

  7. Nothing else to buy or cancel, join and get lifetime access.

....and much more! Start making cash money instantly.
Join today and you get:

paid surveys (a $30 value)

Focus groups (a $35 value)

Mystery shopping (a $35 value)

The survey-filling software


Bonus #1:

Order today, and you'll also get our incredible "Free Car Guide"

The Free Car Guide
reveals companies that will pay you to drive their cars! Or, place
their logo on your own car and they will make your car payment for you!
This information is currently selling on the Internet for $24-$34.99, but it is yours free when you order today!

Bonus # 2:

250 Free Custom business cards (US, Canada only. Add shipping)

to get Lifetime Access to all of the above, 100% satisfaction guaranteed for a great value of $34.99

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