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The life story of Kane

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Post The life story of Kane   Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:35 pm

The life story of Ken
Night we proceed to

The life stories of wrestler Kane and his career

Name in wrestling: Kane
Real name: Glen Jacobs
Height: 206 cm.
Weight: 148 Kiaogram.
Date of birth: April 16, 1967.
Place of birth: Madrid
Place of residence: Knoxville, Tennessee
Trained by: Dean Malenko and Jeff Bradley and Ray Candy
His debut was in the year: 1992.
Nameson the circuit: The Black Knight and The Christmas Creature andDoomsday, and Diesel and Isaac Yankem, DDS and Unabomb and Kane
Hisreal name is: Thomas Jacobs, born in April 26, 1967 in Madrid, which iscurrently residing in the United States of America in Knoxville,Tennessee, a wrestler U.S. Power, and know the circuit a lot on behalfof Ken, which is currently struggling in the Raw in Aldblio WAV World Wrestling Entertainment.
Bret Hart
Big Show
The Evolution
DDP & Chris Kanyon
Chris Jericho
Triple H
Gene Snitsky
Steve Austin
Lance Storm & William Regal
Ric Flair
Chris Masters
Kurt Angle
Dudley Boyz
Rob Van Dam
Mick Foley
Shane McMahon
Vince McMahon
The UnAmericans
Matt Hardy
His career as a wrestler:
Ihave pictures of wrestler Kane several people since his firstappearance in the world of professional wrestling in 1992, and wasknown originally as Unabomb when he was fighting for the Union ofUnited States Wrestling Association and Smoky Mountain Wrestling (Wehave won the belt crown Tim SMW Tag Team Championship with wrestler AlSnow) and also World Wrestling Federation, and I also compete in wrestling Japanese shoot style promotion Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi.
Ithas been shown Keane for the first time in Aldblio W. F wearing a maskand in the name of Black Knight Festival in Survivor Series in 1993,however I think some of the supporters and fans that Black Knight isthe same in fact, Jeff Gaylord, and has appeared Ken later as a dentistevil wrestler Jerry Lawler andin the name of Isaac Yankem, DDS in 1995, after breaking the part Hartteeth Jerry Lawler are some that put his foot in his mouth, andappeared Kane on behalf of Diesel in 1996, and thus replaced theGladiator's original take personal Diesel at the time, wrestler KevinNash Kevin Nash.
Inthe month of October in 1997, was re-submission wrestler Ken currentname is Ken, which is a half-brother of wrestler famous Undertaker TheUndertaker, and has emerged again in the WWF in the event of Bad Bloodon October 5, 1997, charging that Undertaker in a match Hell ina Cell with the reigning WWF European Champion, a famous wrestler knownas Shawn Michaels, and the following year began enmity Kane andUndertaker with each other.
Hasrevealed wrestler Ken be the result of Federation hidden between orUndertaker and Gladiator Paul Bearer, has been used in the home funeralin Death Valley, which was owned by my father Undertaker, when he wasUndertaker and Kane with young children, burn Undertaker the bottom ofthe home is beyond his control (ie, chance ),causing that killed his parents and wounded his brother Ken as scary,which affected the Ken physically and mentally, and I have the Bearer(who survived the fire) under the auspices of Ken and hide from vieweven when they grow up and form an alliance with The Undertaker, aftersuffering from ill-treatment by Bearer Undertaker decided to bring Ken to the WWF in order to revenge on the Undertaker.
Itwas Ken suffer many psychological diseases, which are: depression andschizophrenia in the personal and was very violent and irritable forthe most trivial things and things, and his half-brother (Undertaker),Ken was able to call fire and lightning, when you want it (even thoughthis talent alternately confirmed or denied confirmation to rely on the Union Aldblio W. F at the time).
Thestruggling Ken first match against wrestler Ahmed Johnson in the Raw byon November 3, 1997, and has refused to taker tentatively Issarah, andsaid he was not fighting his brother Ken of his flesh and blood fordisplay only and entertain the masses, has led the act of the taker tointerfere with Ken in the first taker with ShawnMichaels for the title of WWF World Heavyweight Championship at theFestival Royal Rumble in 1998, to be assigned that title again, andafter the game, put Ken brotherly taker in the coffin and closed by thelock and then set it on fire, and has instigated the act to be a taker return to defeat Kane at WrestleMania XIV WrestleMania 14, will be held on March 29, 1998.
Theprofit Ken World Championship heavyweight WWF World HeavyweightChampionship at the Festival King F The Ring King of the Ring 1998 June28, and defeated the wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin in a special gametype of First Blood, has been his anyway, short term,when he regained the title in the Stone Cold the next night, and hascontinued to Ken in the world of wrestling for a team with the wrestlerMankind (current name is Mike Foley), and has won this tournament lastWWF World Tag Team Championship.
In1999, he joined Ken to the company, and has ran his face after he wasbetrayed by a member company, the Wrestling Chyna and throw outside thecompany, and has ended once and face when an alliance with TheUndertaker, and returns it to him again, and some that split is a takerfor each other, discuss Ken forsomething else, a team crown time professional with the wrestler X-Pac,and when he agreed with X-Pac, he turned Keane person silent to someonetalking too much (even though it is rare), even if it is not supported,and was his first is "suck it" ,and has he had a girlfriend, a wrestling famous Tori Tori, has been thedisintegration of team crown time between him and X-Pac when X-Pac tojoin a gang my parents XP again, busy partners, ex-runner long ended inWrestleMania in 2000, and during this hostility, the Tori betrayed Kane and joined my father's XP.
Hethought Keane in something else again, and he attacked Tucker, whichled to a match between Kane and taker Festival SummerSlam in 2000, andhas ended the match when the taker to remove mask Kane, and make it soescape m Nahalbp not even seen by the masses.
There Ken formulation of alliance with the taker immediately before theFestival Royal Rumble in 2001, and has worked the two together for in2001, and formed with each so-called: brothers, destruction, and duringthat year, they established a feud with: Edge and Christian Rikeshi andsparks and Stone Cold andTriple H, at the same time, Ken competed in the Championship WWFHardcore Championship, and defeated the wrestler Raven for the title atWrestleMania seventeen 17.
Duringthat period, set up Kane and taker feud with Diamond Dallas Page andChris Kanyon after it launched its Diamond Dallas Page to prosecutewife taker is Sara, I have swallowed hostility peaked in 2001 at theFestival Alsamarsalam SummerSlam, when he defeated Ken Whitaker, Pageand Kanyon in a match cagesteel cage match, leading to them, so to get both titles in the WWFWorld Tag Team Championship and WCW World Tag Team Championship, andhas continued to Baker and Ken together to defeat KroniK FestivalAnforgievn in 2001, and has participated both in the first ten men tenman survivor series matchin 2001 at the Festival of Ceres Serfevr members of the Group ofAldblio W. F (and I have won that game team Aldblio W. F, despite KenWhitaker, who had been removed,).
In2002, he began Kane feud with a new wrestler known and famous, a cardAngel, I have lost Engle in Alrrilesmania eighteen 18, On March 25,2002, split Aldblio W. F into two sections: Raw RAW and SmackdownSmackDown, has joined Ken Baker to Raw, and the brothers separated after a few months after he went to Smackdown taker, returned again Keane alone.
Inthe month of October in 2002, he began Kane feud with Triple H, and ledit to have to compete in a match at the Festival of New Mercy No Mercyin 2002, and that on 20 Akktobr in 2002, when they were both starringKen, a WWE Intercontinental Championship Championship Triple Watchthe World Heavyweight Championship threatened on lost, and during theweeks leading up to the match, claimed treble Watts that Ken severalyears ago had a relationship that is not exchanged with a woman namedKatie Vick, and also claimed that after she died Katie Vick in a carcrash, Ken ( motorists)of raping her body, and has threatened to Triple H later with a videowhen it was Ken who commits the act ugly, and anyway, the back of thefilm broadcast and has presented Triple H (and was wearing a costumeKane) and imitate him in his presentation with the ark, and it was thefocus of this story verydistasteful of supporters, and denied to confirm the information beforethe title match, and I have defeated Triple H-Kane in No Mercy Festivalunited Bzlaqbin.
God willing, liked the topic
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