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The Undertaker

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Post The Undertaker   Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:45 pm

Give you the life story of The Undertaker

In the name of God the Merciful


First Date Gladiator

Real name: Mark Kalawiyeh Mark callaway

Birth: 24 / March 1965

* Is he married?

Yes Undertaker is married .. His wife's name "Judy" website
Currently: from Sara
Jodi lynne and his two sons the biggest named "Kevin" ...

City: Houston, TX - Houston / Texas ..

Mark Kalawiyeh Hzma man .. Known for his strong personality before entering the world of wrestling ..

Personal and were not under taker is the first character performed in the world of wrestling ..

Shop "The Undertaker" known to the American people, especially many personalities and strong ..

*) Characters??

1. Guerilla "Commando"

Hit by the Federation "CIW" championship international wrestling

And that year in 1988 ..
And was of course the hero of this Union, and no one could grab the title from him? Because he was the Union of bloody and dangerous when not to play Mjaaal ..

2. Punisher "Punisher

Hit by the Federation of USWA

unified word heavyweight champ

And of course was the hero of this Union .. The most serious personal and strongest ..
And also among the personalities:

The Master of Pain "Mr. pain" Wonderful personal awesome .. And a man Ktieyeeyeeyer ..

.. The most important personalities ..

(We come to a personal under taker???? Ibgalha this long explanation ...

How was the work of this character ??!!!!

This idea of a personal name:

William Moody .. Araftoh "no" you know Zen is his manager, "Paul Pierer" ..

Thefirst thing necessary for each and every one knows that the wrestlerwho is named "Kane" is not the brother of the Undertaker ..??!!

The real name of Ken is: Glen Jacobs .. Glen Jacobs,, and is known by wrestling ..

"Nomatter how they tried to say that he lied to his brother .. This shophas been recognized by itself does not a brother or a wrestler .. soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know why??"

Kane rates it will be the brother of the Undertaker that was all planned by Vince McMahon .. And of course this kind of arts management ..
*) Now the secret of film shop??

Alhanoni participated in the film as well as the U.S. .. Existing markets, and one of them is old ..

Nameof the movie "Superban commando" side of the legend Hogan Holt Hugo hasparticipated in the under taker of the Haunted Ghost ..

And not a short role, but not quite .. Suburban.bmp


Let us from this film .. One of them wrote it has represented an Indian film ...???

Yes, like a wrestler in the Indian film .. Named "Kilahi de Khaleh" No you are looking for will not Tjdowoh ..

And why, like what I heard .. Indian hero wounded when he tried to lift the under taker!! Which is caused to enter the

Hospital .....


Is a horror film who represented him !!!!!! ?? Do not be surprised ..

Yes Year in 1999 by the director of Hollywood's "evil spirit: Inheritance" poltergeist: the legacy

The most famous series of terrifying .. The role assigned to him in the film

"Brother's Keeper" .. And has co-star actor Jeremy Rachword jeremy Ratchford ..

Directed by U.S. director: Helen de Hoop Scheffer helen shaver ..

Author: Qarner Simmons ... All of the names of famous horror movies ..

The shop in this movie character "The Soul Chaser" chased the soul ..

And has excelled in the representation .. also excelled in wrestling .. Character and were not far Alcarkir the same in wrestling ..


*) Some of the Ckhaddsiat under taker before the World Wrestling Federation:

1. Personal: Mr. pain master of pain

*) Now for the mystery shop type for the name "Sarah" on his neck??

And is that girl that appeared with him in some games .. Shop love this girl and the latest news
He marry .. but do not know if he married or not?! .. And ask me for his first wife ..

Judy ?!!!! .. Ifound one of the sites had said the death of his first wife, anincident which brought Undertaker in a poor psychological state after
Her death .. "This information has not been ascertains the validity after" ..

*) The secret of the success of the Undertaker?!

You have successfully figure under taker great success would not expect one. Was the first personal Undertaker Union
World Wrestling "wwf". . And the reason for its success ambiguity of this character and style, which was followed by the under taker ..
In wrestling. And the roles that he performed them .. Chksipalander Baker has been able to change the style of wrestling
Than just the challenges in the arena to stir up everywhere ..

The shop first to use the methods of cinematic excitement .. offer in the tomb, music, horror
And matches the coffin .. It noted the performance of personal in the years finds Mdyatharp workshop, which displays or fighting for the shop.

Hence is the only one who was able to prove himself and achieve the title:

The phenomenon of the World Federation

Most of the wrestlers or all of them I find them information about their family and pictures of them .. This is the only man who failed to find a small family Uma'lomp
Or family pictures ..

Necessaryto know all of you that The Undertaker, despite his characterambiguous, but he respects everyone and everyone respected him
And love and appreciate.


We know things we should know about this mysterious character ....

The thing that I do shop and surprised him and many of them .. I When it lost about 9 months,

From the World Federation .. The reason behind the disappearance of the shop, "Of course the film" .. And Appear

Surprisingly has a new character!! And leave the old character and appearance Baldbab .. .. and change surprisingly

Why did the shop what to do when cut off from the wwf? ..

Why choose The Undertaker "American Bad ***" Kallqub when he returned.??

--------------------------------------- ،،

All the details of this story is Undertaker and clarified for all of its audience through the magazine wwf, in the October issue
From 2000, when the meeting was interesting and fun with this guy ..

I will publish only a part of this meeting with "Mark Kalawiyeh" shop .. And, God willing, in the translation Atovq ..:

* And the mystery of his return after a break of 9 months:
He said:

((Icould not stand the s to be away. And found the promised Vince McMahonas a dominant and controls the wrestlers because it is only
President.!! .. And if Vince McMahon or any other shop expected to understand the old mistake
Completely. All the years that have elapsed personality Undertaker .. and talk about life was an important part for me.

And personal Undertaker is an extension of who I am but I just developed ..!!!

What you see now is the identity of which will see when you see me on the street .. or at the airport. Is what I am

I did not use the title "American bad ***" .. the U.S. stubborn because he was not the name of the sweet .. No, it is Asthakit this name
And every person will stand in my way will Aziha before me ..!! ))

This is what the Undertaker on the new character ..

It was already a thrilling and bold and was talking so boldly that he did not beat the expense of Vince McMahon ..

Headmitted publicly that the Undertaker by Vince he is the president andowner of the Union to intervene in the affairs of the wrestlers
Among them was the under taker, who could not bear the complete scenario of the challenges of year 1999, when Vince made
The group "Mmlkpzlam" Ministy of darkness .. Which was not under taker, as in this meeting convinced the group or what to do
In 1999 ...

--------------------------------------- ،،

This is the sentence, spoken in the words of that meeting:

They were riding on my wave and trying to control me. You know, I don't care if
it's Vince McMahon, I don't take orders from anybody))

Indeed, this is the Undertaker .. Does not accept orders from anyone ..!!!! ..

Undertaker of his words meant when they wanted to control by the members of the kingdom of darkness and Vince McMahon ..

He also said: ((do not care even if Vince McMahon. I do not I receive orders from anyone ...))

Undertaker figure when she appeared in the U.S. circuit, succeeded Oz wow great ..

Many imitate and became this wrestler ..

Even expanded his popularity in America and abroad ..

And in the city of Manhattan found there: a private club shop and protects those who love Asmowoh:

Undertaker fan Club and enjoyed great success this club who cares about the masses of Undertaker ..
I forgot to remind you of information that may Arefinha you mentioned, but I liked is that the Undertaker and German origin
U.S. naturalization and is the only son in family L for Eng Germans ...

This information confirms that Ken is not the brother of the Undertaker .. The father and his mother had died in the early entry Alanrdtekr
Union CIW ..

Alanrdtekr and benefited from the magnitude of his body before the wrestling in several works by ..

Has worked as an observer (security guard) in a casino, Texas .. Also was involved unions illegal ..
And unions are those words more than a wrestling ring set up in an irregular manner intended to get money.

Until they were discovered by the business manager (William Moody), Paul Pearl .. and before that ran a few wrestlers ..

He was the first appearance of two minds wwf was a very successful dual-wrestler and director of work ..

In the beginnings of Protestant faced as large as Holt Hugo Hogan and the legendary warrior and Snuka and senior wrestlers ..

The greatest meetings that took place between him and them ..

Shopat the beginning participated as a team with two Warrior (Altmit andAearer) and was a strong match against one of Khadah difference.

Despite the challenge of warrior shop .. 1 comments old veteran recalled that the Gladiator and which is intended to Undertaker

Will be the legend and the phenomenon of the wwf. , It really opened the shop named ((the phenomenon of wrestling)) ..

Undertaker and meetings against Holt Hugo Hogan ... Actually summits and adults not just kids Kalan Itracson within the wrestling circuit.

And his meeting with interesting Snuka against bird ..

The one who misses those challenges is not seen wrestling fun ..!!!!

And has been registered shop pal wwf in 1989 and start appearing to him in 1991.

And on a reason why the Undertaker to leave the wwf in 1999 for 9 months, he said: / /

I had left the federation because I was very displeased with my association with vince McMahon

and the whole corporate Ministry. I allowed the integrity of my vision of the Ministry to be
tainted by Vince Mcmahon's influence. Whether people like me or they dislike me, there's one thing they
can always say about me:
I've always stood on my own and done what I wanted to do



I left the World Federation because I was not satisfied with my participation with Vince McMahon and all the group Kingdom.

I have seen, in that the kingdom polluted by the influence of Vince McMahon .. In any case, people love me or not love me
There is one thing they can Diem have to say about me:

I stand in my way dime and do what I want to do .. ))

Mostimportant match of the first game and second against Alaltmit Warriormatches and awesome God showed Vihaalhanote Qotpalhakiqih and almostwin it not for the arbitration of bad given the warrior to win thefirst two games Althatih

Burial games played Laland Rtekr

Playing his first game of this type with the Maine Kind and interference with several wrestlers

They buried the Undertaker (events of a game like the coffin with Yukorzuna) and was

First appearance of the wrestler Oksyongjir under the direction of Paul Bear ...
Festival in your hous * buried alive
In October 1996 ......

2 - with Steve Austin (and very angry to Khosarah Andrtekr this game)

Festival in your hous * rock bottm
In December 1998 .....

3 - Andtikr Obg Shaw v. Roque, Maine Kind ..

Included in the game in a row: Austin - Helmsley - Chen Mkmhan FPRIVATE View smack down Smpetr 1999 ..


Then came Randy Orton in a feud with the Prince of Darkness

In battle, Randy Orton will travel to the place it would prefer not to be: hell. To December 18, legend killer he has an appointment with an enemy Lander taker in hell in the Big Hill said Aseel


Earlier this year, Randy Orton was looking for exhibitions Rstainmenya 21. Superstar Billy Graham advised him to make an impact, and this led to Orton challenged The Undertaker Lander taker. ANDRE Baker was victorious on that night, but that was only the beginning of the war that rage on for months


Inmid-July, Orton was drafted to SmackDown in the first lottery in 2005,and immediately feel his presence in order to deliver the RSS or theringing Dead Man, assigned marks of the struggle for the WorldHeavyweight Championship. Samar in peace, returned from the injury to Orton's shoulder and only the result a defeat Lander taker. Suppose that the war is over, but only escalated from there.

Claim that after retirement Lander taker after the battle of August, Dead Man back angrier than ever before. At No Mercy, each had two match fund for the liquidation of the account. Randy father, Cowboy Bob Orton managed to defeat ANDRE Baker, but then in the presentation of outrageous, move the Fund to the

entranceway and light burning! Landeris assumed that Baker was burned alive, but when I opened the OrtonFamily Fund compelling at a time later that night, Dead Man is notanywhere to be there.
Landeris a promise that Baker makes his return in a series of Survival Ceresalive; On November 27, after Randy Orton was in Serfevr Ceres aliveonly in the Raw Survivor Series match against the Ceres aliveSmackDown, back from Lander taker ark of the red-hot to extract revenge for the killing of the legend.
Only two days after the SmackDown particular, ANDRE Baker came out to help Ray Mestero expelled Big Show and he was. Ever Turncoat, Orton appeared to attack Lander taker with iron bar, leaving a Dead Man landed on the passenger Fund is low. Inthe presentation of even more disgusting, Orton support passenger lowphase and into a Bank of electrical appliances, which exploded and onceagain appeared to burn ANDRE Baker neighborhood.
This week's Friday Night SmackDown, Orton Schmidt about done, but flaunting was relived short. After Orton defeated Matt Hardy, has a familiar bell outside, and the voice of Lander Baker spoke of the heavens. Orton baffled any fitter to go to the locker room, but a lightning strike and I took him across the hall. Aftersome trickery, including Orton finds himself in a box, the Undertakerdead declared that he was taking Randy to hell ... hell in Hill BEST. Laterthat night, said Theodore for a long time that the Lander Baker andOrton to meet inside the cage in the cardamom Aseel in battle.
On9 December edition of Friday Night SmackDown, ANDRE Baker continued toplay a deadly deception with the legend, which was introduced it was onthe edge of sanity. ANDREBaker Look Video Jehimh important things in the pre-Hill LaSallebusiness, and throughout the night seemed as if the taker had therarest Orton on his toes. Baddedmanpossessed Josh Mathwais apparently when he tried to interview Orton,legend killer turned and fled, he realizes it seems that it may be inthe head.
This will be the sixth adventure Dead Man in Hail to LaSalle, while Orton has never been in this type of game. CanANDRE Baker used conditionality to its usefulness, and finally defeatedhis opponent, or will overcome the legend killer Odds and hit again? Listen to the battle in December 18 to discover that much has in store for these two adversaries.

Income Alandertekrbad that enmity with the giant Great Khali and The Undertaker defeated in the first, including the

Jmndayexample, hostility has returned once again to cooperate against himwith Big Show Great Khali to Abbou that in the festival
In the cage and Undertaker won the giant Big Show after the game has changed

Then entered the Lander taker enmity Kurt Angle on the belt, but did not last long for the intervention of Mark Henry

Then Mark Henry feud:

The enmity is an exciting win over Baker in Rislmenya

Then hostility alien:

With Mr Kennedy hated personal:

The enmity without meaning: the triumph over Baker
Now: taker feud with Batista

Baker FAO Balroehl Rumbl and choice for wrestling

Batista chose to fondle a belt heavy weight

And defeated him

We will limit our enmity

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