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Bodybuilder new reason to quit smoking

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Post Bodybuilder new reason to quit smoking   Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:16 pm

Bodybuilder new reason to quit smoking

Gyms and smoking do not mix. Smokers have a new reason to quit
Smoking: Smoking lose muscle. In addition, the smokers in
Average muscle less than non-smokers.

An article about smoking Nouvel Observateur published in mid-2008 is of interest
Particularly for smokers practitioners bodybuilder

In fact, this article describes a recent study found that three things:
Cigarette smoking, lose muscle
- Smoking reduces the synthesis of proteins, and this means the inability of the body
The use of amino acids that form protein to build muscle. And therefore
Produce less muscle! If protein fall we can conclude that
Recovery will be much harder after strength training, which damages the muscles
Requires a great job of protein for the reconstruction.

- Cigarette smoking increases the enzyme myostatin protein, which hampers the growth of

- Smoking increases the bit rate of the enzyme MAFbx, which works on the analysis
Proteins in muscle.

Therefore, it has a tripartite working to reduce the progress: challenges facing the reform
And proteins, which reduces the body's ability to build and muscle growth, increase
The destruction of natural muscle.
And increase the participation of smoking in many diseases, is now accused in
Facilitate the melting of muscle mass in old age, which led to a rapid decline with
Loss of independence in the early .. But until now the reasons for this did not know really.
Even published an international group of scientists discussed the subject and have discovered that smoking
Weaken the daily renewal of muscle cells. And lose their vitality and cause muscle
Nervous system disorders.

Baadaltousel to this conclusion, it was necessary to compare muscle protein synthesis
Of a group of non-smokers, and a group of heavy smokers (at least for
A pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years). To measure the composition of daily muscle cells, and
Had the scientists injected each group with a mixture of amino acids (the building blocks
Proteins) is marked to be identified is included in the tissue. Then they began to
Sampling to determine how processing of many proteins that contribute to the
Daily maintenance of muscle mass.
The result is clear: every day smokers were less in the muscles of the non-
Smokers. With further investigations, cigarette smoking increased the rates of enzyme
myostatin, a protein that hampers the growth of muscles and MAFbx, enzyme that breaks down proteins
Muscle, which is significantly higher in smokers.
It seems that these tests do not prove that the harm of tobacco on the lungs but also to
Many other devices such as tissue and muscles. There is another argument to stop
Smoking before and after "consumed" all the muscles of capital.
And suffice it to say that smoking will not help you to progress in bodybuilding. Even if
You want to progress in muscle mass significantly, and quickly, so you have reason
Last to quit smokingالاستماع
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