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Types of cockroaches and information about it

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Post Types of cockroaches and information about it   Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:43 am

Today I am pleased to offer you a full report on cockroaches

Can Tsilon yourselves why cockroaches?? First they spread much and secondly because many people do know about the cockroaches, but it is disgusting


First: the types of cockroaches

The following image was most popular types of cockroaches


This is the most common type is widespread in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in genera

Secondly : Diseases of cockroaches
Revealed a new study that cockroaches like humans get undercut when presented by age.

American researchers have pointed out that the joints cockroaches Agouza stop the movement in
Normal, and then get stuck in the walk, like other creeping insects of long-
Up to about 60 weeks.

Says Angela Rigel, which oversaw the study at Case Western Reserve
New Scientist magazine, "stumble cockroaches Agouza at every step, which is
Slows down the movement. "

The study says that when he reaches the age of 65 weeks of these insects get stuck a line more than 80 percent of them.

The study found that cockroaches Agouza reduce the time spent in traffic by 40 percent.

Theyalso said they are proceeding with difficulty when the rise of a slopegradient of 45 degrees, while 60 percent fail to climb to the summit.

III: General information about cockroaches

Cockroaches are the only creatures that give rise to disgust and admiration in the same
Time, the disgust because of their shape and living in the (...) and admiration because of its superiority
And their ability to survive, Vabasir of the oldest living organisms on earth. It is estimated that 250 million old year, while no more than 40 thousand human life
Only a year .. This means it is one of the first creatures found on the surface of the earth.
Today, stressing that the earth is exposed to five waves of extinction (at least)
Each wave caused the annihilation of 90% of the land and sea creatures. In the latest wave of lost
Dinosaurs and giant mammals cockroaches have succeeded for the fifth time!!

It is estimated that cockroaches will remain after each time that the land to the worst disaster that could be
Imaginable. If war broke out nuclear radiation will not be tolerated and remain intact non-
Cockroaches. Ifscarce land resources and disappeared food will not bear the hunger,but cockroaches (not to mention their ability to eat everything fromcakes to the soil and wood to plastic).
If there is widespread the disease is lethal, killing all living organisms will adapt quickly and cockroaches produce
Anti-immunoglobulin in particular. If off toxic gases that can trap cockroaches
Breath for 40 minutes to escape to a better location .. While it was decided to escape and have the means to
Excellent for the implementation of that, they run very quickly estimated five miles per hour. Thesize and pressure can access from a gap of no more than 0.15 mm andrunning in the tube does not exceed a diameter of five mm.

Innormal circumstances Vabasir are far from extinction, their numbersexceeded by far the number of human beings and the whole mammals. Not to mention the 3500 type
And perhaps the same number is still unknown. They are able to live in all
Areas (from rain forests to dry deserts, and polar regions to the
Homes warm). There are 20 species of which only prefer to live inside the houses moved
Some of them to new continents thanks to the cargo ships. When necessary, a fast food about three months, and water for two weeks, and withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees!!
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