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The Truth about Acai is it the 1 magic bullet?

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Post The Truth about Acai is it the 1 magic bullet?   Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:16 pm

Acai just seems to be the latest craze in the diet and health market.� People are always searching for the newest weight loss miracle. The Acai berryonly grows on one species of palm tree which grows in the flood plainsand swamps of both Central and South America regions. This berry hasexceptional antioxidant properties which are far superior to that ofother berries throughout the world today. The locals in the region havelong harvested the Acai berries since they quickly turn rotten after they are picked. The Acai berryhas a deep, rich color and is rich in polyphenols which have known forhigh antioxidant properties. Scientific and medical research has proventhat the darker color to a berry means it has more powerful antioxidantproperties. There are claims all over the internet about its weight loss, cure all effects.� The Acai berryhas a number of important and essential vitamins, minerals, proteinsand fatty acids which help to improve a person's health condition. Theberry is also a rich source of antioxidants with nearly ten times thatof a red grape and double the amount found in a blueberry. Research has found Acai can help with your digestive system, and can help boost your immune system it has not been proven as a weight loss aid or to cure any disease. Researchdoes prove there are many highlights to adding this little gem of afruit to your diet, however this does not mean you can slack off inyour diet and exercise program, you must continue to eat healthy andexercise.�The Acai berry is merely a source to help improve the strength of your body when it comes to fighting diseases.��You can find Acai berry productsin most stores, but you should make sure you choose one that has beenmanufactured through traditional packing methods otherwise most of thenutrients will have been lost during transport. �Soamong all the hype this proves not to be the "magic" bullet to weightloss and health we are all looking for.� The only way is the tried andtrue eat right, exercise, calories in, calories out. Happy Workout!
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