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Carbohydrates, The weight loss Myth

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Post Carbohydrates, The weight loss Myth   Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:17 pm

For years I have been going out to eat with peoplewho stay away from bread and pasta in fear of gaining weight or atleast not losing any, they sit across from me as I eat all of it andlook at me curiously and hence the carb conversation begins.
Firstof all let me qualify this by saying I am a 42 year old femaleCertified Personal trainer with 16% body fat while I don�t say that toimpress you but to impress upon you that carbohydrates are an essentialpart of our diet when we do the right things as part of a healthylifestyle.
When you are working with atrainer or fitness professional or if you do your own strength trainingprogram carbs are essential part ofweight loss, toning and firming and gaining lean muscle mass.� Carbohydrates are what your body needs to build muscle.
For every pound of muscle your body gains it burns 50 calories while at rest.� That is right while at rest.� You heard me you can burn calories while you sleep, they key is carbs and strength training. �To find out what all this means to you stay tuned for Carbohydrates the weight loss myth part II.
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