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Paid Surveys By Filling Out Simple Surveys

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Post Paid Surveys By Filling Out Simple Surveys   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:33 am

Spend More Time With Your Family...

Let Us Show You How To Make Up to $75.00 in 30 Minutes By Filling Out Simple surveys Online.

  • Get paid up to $75 to take Online surveys!
  • Get paid up to $90/hr to participate in online focus groups!
  • Get paid to try (and keep) new products!
  • Get paid to eat at a New Restaurant in Your Area!

We have 500+ companies that will pay you up to $75 per survey to answer questions online, from the comfort of your own home!
Small and Large companies want to know what you're thinking so that
they can make products that you and others like you will buy.

Only you know:

  • What you like
  • What you will buy
  • How the product could be better
  • How often you will buy the product
  • If the product should come in a different color

There are no right or wrong answers. This is strictly what you think.
The companies we work with will:

  • Pay you up $75 for each survey that you take
  • Pay you up $90 per hour to Participate in focus groups
  • Pay you up $25 to Try and keep new products
  • Pay you up $75 per hour to Take telephone surveys
  • Pay you up $75 per hour to Take surveys offline
  • Pay you to shop at stores near you.
  • Pay you to Eat at local restaurants (expenses covered)
  • Pay you up to $1,500/month to put to to put ads on your car

Answer online surveys,
test out new products, eat at new restaurants in your area - no catch,
no gimmicks. Companies need everyday consumers to give their honest
opinion of new products and services and how these products and
services could be improved, and these companies will pay participants
for their time.

Question: Why would companies pay someone for their opinion?
Answer: Product
Development and Marketing costs money. In the case of nationwide
companies producing a product that no one will buy or advertising it in
a way that no one will find it appealing means losing millions of
dollars, and likely jobs.

If you buy a new toothpaste that tastes like cement chances
are you will not buy it again and you will tell all of your friends not
to buy that toothpaste brand.
This is a serious setback for
that toothpaste manufacturer. The customers that bought their product
will not buy it again and neither will their friends. This company now
will have invested millions of dollars in product development,
manufacturing, shipping, marketing, and research costs but no one will
buy their product.
What if a beverage company creates a great tasting soda but it's just too difficult to open the can?
This is a serious set back, the company executives might of thought
that the packaging was "cool" but in fact, from the consumer's
perspective, there's nothing "cool" about trying to figure out how to
drink from a malformed can. Again, no one will buy this product and the
manufacturing company will lose millions!

Sign up today and you'll receive 5 free bonuses
worth at least $150.00!
Bonus # 1
Get Access to software that will help you automate the process of filling out surveys. Speeding up the process so that you can finish earlier or do more surveys in the same amount of time.
Bonus # 2
Get Access to Companies that will pay you to put their ad on your car
$29.95 Value, Yours free.
Bonus # 3
Get Access to Companies that pay you to pass out free samples
$29.95 Value, Yours free.
Bonus # 4
Get Access to Companies that pay you to read emails.
$29.95 Value, Yours free.
Bonus # 5
Free Updates & Access to New Company listings for the life of your membership!
$69.95 Value, Yours free.
Once you sign-up below you
will receive a unique login username and password that will allow you
to start filling out surveys right away.
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