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CB Scroller CB Affiliate Marketing Tool

admin stator
admin stator

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Post CB Scroller CB Affiliate Marketing Tool   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:58 am

Would you like to Boost Your ClickBank affiliate Sales?

CB Scroller is a Dynamic HTML Scroller

A fully customizable vertical Text Scroller
with a list of relevant ClickBank™ products. You can control the
scrolling speed, size, color and font. The script is cross browser
functional. This ClickBank™ Products Scroller is extremely powerful and will easily capture your visitors attention.

CB Scroller has proven to be effective, increasing affiliate sales of our users many fold.

With the CB Scroller Builder application (PHP Script) you'll be able to create great looking Money Making Scrolling Text Boxes for your web sites and Wordpress Blogs.

Features of CB Scroller

  • Built-in Searchable Clickbank™ Members Products CSV Database

  • Built-in Clickbank™ affiliate link Encrypter.

  • Easy to build, test and install Scrollers.

  • Option to choose Scroller speed, size and color.

  • Customizable font characteristics.

  • Highlighted/Bold URL links.

  • You can Insert any number of Scrollers on the same page.

  • Source Code will be automatically created for you.

  • The Scroller saves screen space to add more content to your site.

  • Easily grab visitors attention and increase affiliate sales.

  • You have full control to choose relevant items in the scroller

  • Easily edit scrolling text message.

  • DHTML scrolling text can be easily integrated in any web page or Wordpress Blog.

  • No special plugins are necessary

  • No programming knowledge is required.

  • Only one time easy installation is required

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