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Google Adwords

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Post Google Adwords   Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:06 am

ATTENTION: If You Thought Direct Linking On google Adwords Was

Dead Then This May Be The Most Valuable Letter You Will Ever


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"WOW! I have been doing PPC for a while now and have read quite a few good reports on the subject, but I have gotta say, "google STREAK" is the best yet."

Clear and concise. Brian not only knows his stuff he is not afraid to
share it. With this report you will really, "Learn Secrets That Most
People Will Never Know About Direct Linking On google." It's not hype-it's the real deal, and you can take that to the bank.

Bill Edwards, Small Business website consultant, Flagstaff, Arizona,


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"I have made $6700 from your methods at a cost of $1796. Not bad for 2 months of part-time effort."


Congratulations on putting out a great product. Yes, I am still using
your method and having success. I 1st. went after some very popular
niches where clicks in PPC
were $3-$5 range. My clicks were costing $.49-$.79. Conversions were
good. I made $280 fairly quickly. Started the 1st. week of April.

I have made $6700 from your methods in the wso at a cost of $1796. Not bad for 2 months of part-time effort. Much better than anything I experienced with PPC. Like all campaigns I had some winners as well as losers.

I feel the methods in your wso
will enable me to continue to build upon what I have already done and
make this a great income stream for me for years to come. I would like
to see $8000 per month from this in the next couple of months. I
believe this is achievable.

I look forward to more of what you come up with for this method.
Thanks again,

Robert Oliver, 30 Years Marketing and Sales, Texas



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"I believe you have a tiger here."

You have a really wonderful angle here. There are a few others who teach site placement... I believe you have a tiger here.

Marlon Sanders


"You Will Finally Find Out The Real Secret About Getting Cheap Traffic On google Adwords "

"...This Is The Easiest Way I Know To Make Money Online Without A Website -or Selling Anything "

Nobody Has EVER Showed You The Truth.

Creator of

Dear Friend,

ou may be amazed hear that a direct link Ad made $4,620 in a little over 3 weeks in January 2009? That’s more than 200 dollars a day without a website or selling anything.

And this was in a extremely competitive market paying only CENTS a CLICK!

I know you are thinking, “Direct linking is dead on google.” And maybe you

hear a lot of gurus out there preaching this. But it's not your fault for thinking that

because this is what they all teach. But they never told you about this!

I Fell Into The Exact Same Trap...

Hi, My name is Brian and I have spent years building dozens of

websites and breaking my back trying to make a dime online. I started my

first e-commerce website in 2005 working out of my bedroom in the U.K., and put

1000's of hours of work and effort into it with hundreds of products and never made a red cent.

See, when I first started online a little over 3 years ago, I too was promised the same dream...

The money, the lifestyle, the cars, the time off... blah blah blah...

is, I fell for it 100% and spent a small fortune buying up every little
bit of information I could lay my hands on in the hope of finding the
'magic bullet' that would make me millions overnight. I literally had a
library of information.

The result?


I won't bore you
with the fine details... all I'll say was that the result was swift and
painful and by the end of my first year in business, I found myself in
debt all due to the mountains of lame courses, mentoring programs and
ebooks I had foolishly purchased.

Not to mention the
years of my life wasted working myself into a frenzy into the late
hours of the morning and nearly having my marriage collapse and my
young child not even knowing who I was anymore.

Ok, enough ranting already...

Here's The Good News...

Look, I have tried everything that these so called gurus said and this

is the closet thing I have found to putting a button on your computer

that spits out cash money. And this was all done legally on Google without a website of my own.

Direct linking is when you send people directly from a Google Adwords ad to an affiliate programs page with your affiliate code already embedded in the URL. This means that you do not need a website of your own to start making money.

You’d never think that this could be happening in 2009 but think again? Below is a screen shot of my network earnings for 3 weeks in January 2009.

If you're looking to start making money online easily and quickly then I

can think of no other way other than this.

So Here's What I'm Gonna' Reveal...

1.) A simple A to Z walk through of the exact steps I took to make nearly 5 thousand dollars in 3 weeks

2.) How to pay only a fraction of what others are paying in extremely competitive markets

3.) How to avoid the one URL rule with Google Direct Linking (Legally)

4.) How to be the only advertiser for your offer that your customer will see

5.) How to legally steal your competitors keywords so you can start out with the ones that convert

6.) How to easily create targeted ads that the big G will love you for

And to do all this .....
You 100% Do not need a Website
Fast to start (About 2 Hours or Less)
0% Start Up Costs
No Special Education or Experience is Needed
No Customers To Deal With
Very, Very high paying Commissions

Is The Direct Linking Business Right For You?

This business has a lot of added benefits like:
Be Your Own Boss
Flexible hours (work when You want)
It's Portability (move when YOU want)
Scalable (grow as big as YOU want)
Easy to start another campaign when you're ready to move on

"The Greatest Business in The World"

Yes I cannot think of a better way to make money cash yet for a number of

reasons. Number one, its so easy. There is very little you need to know to start.

Like I said before, direct linking on Google is the easiest way I have seen to make

cash money online.

And it's viable, with million of website users each day from around the globe all

you need to do is just tap into a part of it and you are on your way to making


This ain't no trendy new business- People have been making million online for years with direct linking on Google

Works even when the economy is bad - Because it does not matter what is going on the economy and the method you will see requires no money down so this is pretty much a recession proof business.
And in the kind of economy that we're in right now you just can't
afford to be in anything else.

The direct linking business has unlimited income potential- You can grow your business as big as you want it. There is no limit to what you can earn.

You can grow your business as fast as you want-
If you want to grow your business even bigger you can do it with
employees..but you do not need them. This is truly a scaleable
business. It can be as big as you want it to be.

You can make a lot of money - While you may not become a millionaire overnight from a single direct linking campaign there are people who have made millions with it. I proved that it can be done with my single ad making nearly 5 thousand dollars in 3 weeks which I pocketed over $1600 in profits.

You can get started with nothing-
This is one of the best businesses in the world to be in because you
can start at the very bottom and work your way all the way to the top
just by pure ingenuity, hard work and persistence.

Direct link campaigns are fast to start. You can usually start your direct link campaign on Google in less than 2 hours.

I would really suggest
that everyone start with direct linking when starting out with adwords.
It's so much easier and so much faster. And while you're learning
you're going to make a few mistakes anyway so it's better that you make
it with small cheap without the hassle of setting up a website.

You can always move up to building a website after you’ve made a few bucks to put in your pocket but this is not required.

With the direct linking business you be your own boss. Unlike almost
any other business in the world the the Internet business is completely

You can keep your campaigns running when you want,
stop them when you want, change when you want, and so on. It’s
completely up to you. And you can start more in a moment’s notice.

Now, just think of another business that has that flexibility. There
aren’t many. You get to be your own boss. You call the shots and you're
in control of your own future and your own destiny.

In the
Internet Business you can set your own hours. If you want to work
mornings, afternoons, lunches, or just weekends, you can. You make the
decisions yourself.

"You Don't Have To Quit Your Current job"

A lot of online entrepreneurs only work weekends, some only work a

few hours a week,and have started part time and kept their own jobs. It's really up

to you.

There aren’t very many businesses that you can set your own hours in but I'll

tell you, the Internet Business is one of them.

"This Is Easy Work"

The direct linking business is easy work. It's not that technical and it's

not complicated and anybody can learn to do it.

Plus, it's really not hard work. Once you’ve got everything up and running it

literally runs on autopilot. After that, it's a pretty relaxing job.

You decide how much work and time you want to put into it.

"Talk About A Low Stress Business!"

The direct linking business isn’t emotionally or mentally challenging.

It's a low stress business. Everyday when I wake up I only check my stats and log

a few changes, a task that takes not even 15 minutes.

I never worry about corporate pressures, politics, who is going to stab me in the

back today, if I was going to perform well enough, if I was going to sell enough, if

I could make all the demands of my boss. All that is gone.

It's a low stress job where you can just have fun and and still make money cash.

You don’t have anybody breathing down your neck or anybody that you have to

listen to. There are no expectations you have to meet.

"You NEVER Have To Have A Boss Again"

In this business you work alone. And you don't have to work with anyone

ever if you do not want to. At the most if you grow big enough you can outsource

your tasks, and even if you do that you will usually just communicate via email to


"It's The Google Gold Rush Again"

"So Why Would I Share My

Trade Secrets"

I've seen a lot of people out there that

are selling products on how to making money

online with Google adwords and they all seem

to cover the same thing. So I decided before I

put a product out that makes a difference.

I am not going to fluff
around with cut and pasting what you can already read on the Google
help files like so many other Google Adwords books that I read. In
fact, I actually find the help files far more informative than most of
the so called guru books I have read!

"Because So Many Other Courses Are Repeats "

Most Lame Adwords Courses go over what you yourself can read on

Google help page. They practically have cut and paste every single page to give

the impression they are actually telling you something new.

This is the
complete process of exactly what I did to generate $4,620 in 3 weeks

using direct linking on Google. This report covers how you really should be using

direct linking with Google Adwords. Plus You Get Tons of FREE Bonuses.

Most PPC Courses that I have just go over the basics of what 99% of

advertisers already know.

Just about every Google Adwords Course that I have read was just a bunch of

filler and fluff repeating over and over what all the other courses say.

In other words, this is something you probably have not heard of before in

the other Adwords ebooks you may have read. For some reason it looks like no

other course really wants you to know the TRUTH about direct linking. I personally have never heard this method directly mentioned and I have about 30 adwords courses myself.

"So What Makes This So Different"

Here is What You Get...
First I'm going to tell you exactly how I rake in the profits using direct linking. Nothing is held back.

This method uses a combination of the content and placement networks,
something that has little competition on adwords right now. I also
throw in some secret search network techniques.

This will show you how to be profitable out of the gate so you can start making cash money immediately.

Then you can repeat the process in any market you want and began to explode your earnings potential.

And no need for a website or customer service.

You can imagine how quickly this is to setup and it runs automatically after that.

"Is this A Scam? Are You A Scam? Is This Legal?"

Hey no way is this is a scam or am I
and yes this is 100% legal. Here is my CPA network video showing how
much my ad made in total from Dec 27th 2008 to Jan 20th 2009. As you
see the commission was $4,620.24 in less than 3 weeks. Look at the
dates and the earnings.
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