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Marketing Smart: 8 Ways to Attract Customers

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Post Marketing Smart: 8 Ways to Attract Customers   Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:58 am

No matter how small your marketing budget is, without advertising there won�t be any customers or continuing sales. But there are low-cost ways to gather prospect names and clients themselves that use more of your creativity and time than your dollars.

The most important questions to ask yourself and answer are:

* how are you unique

* what are you selling (today)

There are more questions but if you can answer these two, then you are ahead of others.

Ask. You can�t write or speak or do any of these things if you don�t assk first. It may take a while until you are known and you will probably get some �no�s� but that�s normal. Just ask! Eventually people and organizations will come to you and ask you.

In all of my suggestions where you go somewhere, have a blank form with the name and date of the event, and ask them for their permission to write their name, phone number and email address on it. Have spaces for them to do this. Then pass it around or have it available for them to sign.

1. Do something outrageous (that suits your business). Hold a contest, party or picnic for your customers.

2. Get noticed in the community by running a booth at local events. Patronize other small and home-based businesses in the neighborhood.

3. Write in a blog, for your local paper, and articles for use online. Put these together to make an e course, an e book or a regular book.

4. Record each time you speak. When you have the �right� device, technology will allow you to plug your recorder right into your computer. If not, have someone transcribe this for you. You can give it away or sell it.

5. Speak for all Boards of Trade, all Rotary Clubs, and the Chamber of Commerce. Speak on a topic that will sell your business, that the organization wants AND attracts people. Choose ones where you want to sell or speak all around the world in every town that you visit. They�re everywhere.

6. Study your customers. It�s less expensive to keep a customer than to get a new one. Send thank you, birthday and seasonal cards. Offer special sales for loyal customers.

7. Keep in touch with the media. Become known as an expert in your field and be available for last minute interviews on the radio or cable television � as a �fill-in� guest to replace unexpected cancellations. You can do radio interviews in you pajamas! And with technology has come the �internet radio� stations where you can be interviewed, too.

8. Give away something of real value � give free demonstrations at trade shows or store events. Offer free evaluations or consultations.

Marketing is about getting potential customers� attention. Look for ways to stand out from the �crowd� of competitors. Be noticed.

Remember that customer satisfaction is the best (and lowest cost) marketing avenue of all. Listen to what your customers want. Give it to them. And they�ll reward you with their business.
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