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New Website Famous By Morning Gives Average People a Chance to Attain Celebrity Status while Earning $1,000

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Post New Website Famous By Morning Gives Average People a Chance to Attain Celebrity Status while Earning $1,000   Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:59 am

If you�ve ever wanted to become famous, consider taking advantage of the current offer available through Basically, individuals who can create the most buzz for the Famous by Morning brand will earn both fame and $1,000. The opportunity is an excellent one for those with a competitive spirit and a desire to get their name remembered. offers several suggestions for helping participants win their contest. For example, if a group of people are planning to attend a Friday Night Football game, they can start by arranging to have the website featured in a skywritten advertisement. As the pilot is skywriting the URL, the contestants can spell out each letter of the website on their stomachs. Alternatively, if a person happens to notice a news broadcast airing, they could feature the website on a sign showcased in the background.

There is also the option of using viral Youtube videos to help promote The best way to do this is to create videos that are humorous. Examples could include creating videos featuring a series of pranks and/or making spoofs on Youtube videos that are already getting traffic. An excellent video that could easily be spoofed is Chris Crocker�s �Leave Britney Alone� tirade.

�If your video is good, literally overnight, your message can be passed on to thousands of people, be seen all over the world through the joint powers of the internet and 'word-of-mouth' (or word-of-mouse) advertising.� Explains owner Mark Lewis in regards to how powerful viral video marketing can be.

In fact, if a person finds that they are really good at creating viral Youtube videos, they may have an opportunity to get their own personal videos featured on, even if they don�t participate in the competition. All they have to do is fill out a form indicating their interest in having their video featured on the site. If the video is good, a person can use the site to get free exposure.
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