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Balloon sculpturing

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Post Balloon sculpturing   Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:59 am

Balloon sculpturing is an art of making different kinds of figures and structures out of various shapes of balloons. Many people say that balloon sculpturing is a difficult art to learn, but this is very much true! Balloon sculpturing needs lot of practice and patience to learn this beautiful art. Balloon sculptures basically start with practicing with long shaped balloons; they start with making simple shapes like hearts, animals, hats and toy like structures for children.

Balloon sculpturing has different styles of making and various kinds of designs. Some are made in small scales and some are done is larger scales. Today many like to learn balloon sculpturing as a hobby to impress their friends, family and peers. Balloon sculpturing is becoming a famous art, and commercialized in large scale. People prefer to choose balloon sculpturing at birthday and kids parties, get together parties, college and school farewells and even at weddings; were balloon sculptures install very beautiful, colorful and attractive arches at entrances, podiums and on the stages. These arches are done with simple round balloons of different colors, attached together in different styles. Professional balloon sculptures can make very difficult and complex shapes like cars, Christmas trees, human figures, birds, flowers, butterflies, dogs and even cartoon characters. Unless if you don�t have practice, this art would be very tricky to do as too much of twisting can make the balloon burst. Today there are classes been taken on balloon sculpturing at places like camps and parties, on the internet you can find amazing photos of balloon sculptures and tips on how to such beautiful figures out of a simple balloons.

The basic technique in balloon sculpturing is the �balloon twists� or �balloon twisting�, under this technique there are different kinds of twists. The basic twist is the �Lock twist�, which involves in twisting the balloon at different places to create thousands of superb figures, with a simple ordinary balloon. �Lock twist� involves in attaching/locking two bubbles to make ears and legs. �Loop twist� is used to make larger structures like hands or feet. �Pinch twist� and the �toe twist� are used to make smaller structures like lips, ears and eyes. The �Pinch-pop� technique is used to split the sections of a balloon; this is applied in making flowers and heads on animals.

Apart from these techniques, there are some complex techniques such as �Bird body� or also called as �3 bubble roll through�, �Apple twist� also known as Tulip twist, �Hook twist�, �Apple link�, �Z bend�, �S-Hook twist� and spiral. Balloon sculpturing is always fun to learn and entertaining!
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