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Advertise your online business free with your pen!

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Post Advertise your online business free with your pen!   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:00 am

How do you advertise your online business? Do you submit articles to ezines? You should! Writing articles is a powerful and FREE marketing tool for your business. Certainly, you are being told to write articles to get free publicity and traffic for your website. You are wondering though if it really works. YES, it works! Here is an example:

Have a look at the top ezines in which you can find a great number of articles and read some of them. You can notice the links and when you click on them you are guided to other websites. Well, those "other" websites belong to the authors of the articles. This is how they attract you to their online business. If you think about it, an article can be one of the best way to advertise your product. Indeed, it provides you all the space you need for descriptions and this gives you more credibility. This can be more persuasive than any other kind of advertisement. I would say that writing articles is an excellent marketing method.

How to write an article ? It is very easy. Choose a subject that interests many people, do some research and write a content which can be a quite helpful for the readers. Be as specific as you can and tell them what they want to know. You can base your content on your personal experience. This will be more trustful. Keep your sentences short and use simple words, understandable by all. While writing your article, include your links (your affiliates, your website ...) in the content. This will give the readers an opportunity to visit your online business or your affiliate store. This is how your articles will bring you customers and profits. Find a very attractive title so the readers can easily pick your article from the directory.

How to publish your articles ? If you want to publish them offline, then you have to identify the magazines related to your product or service. Check out your local library, newsagent or a bookstore. Try to find an index that lists magazines by subject. The easiest and cheapest way of publishing your articles on internet is by using the ezines. Allow them to publish your work as a free redistribution as long as your links are included. In this way, your articles can be spread all over the net so you multiply your exposure. The search engines, such as Google, Yahoo ...will find your links everywhere and you'll get a good page rank.

After all, there is no doubt. An article is defiantly an effective way to promote your business. Get of any "fear" of writing. There is nothing better.
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