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Post Ceases Advertising Campaing   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:05 am

With the launch of their Internet based identification card solution, the company quickly realized the size of the opportunity and the need for a viable solution for small and midsized companies. The main reason this web based tool was created was simply to serve the requests of many of their now sister company�s, Virtual Tournament Directors (VTD), customers. Because of the ability to handle online registrations and produce identification cards at such a reasonable cost with easy to use tool, many of VTD�s customers asked for their services in their own businesses and cities. Based on their requests a registration vehicle for background checks and photo identification cards was produced. Little did the company then realize the size of the industry, nor the impact their toolset would have on the marketplace.

Quickly after release of the website, customers from multiple industries came to investigate their services. Many of the new visitors were slow to adapt their new services and many of them wanted referrals because of the unheard of pricing and services they were offering. Promptly after, the users became comfortable with their offering and the company established a name in the industry and a history of great customer service. It didn�t take long for the company�s team to realize the website had been built for the customers and not to be able to handle the volume of sales they were encountering. Changes had to be made for the orders to be processed at the pace they were being received. Just before the end of the year, the company decided to stop the advertising so the site could be reworked to handle the customer�s demands.

Surprisingly, the business only slowed down for a while after all of the advertising had been shut off. Slowly but surely the company started adding customers once again strictly by word of mouth from the customers that first found�s online services. Presently the company has been adding over 10 new customers a day without spending a dime on advertising. Needless to say, the organizations staff grew more exited as they watched the expanding client base.

Several things were reviewed such as the ability to ensure the customer received exactly what was seen through their online ID Card Wizard as well as their packaging and shipping methods. Management had to take a good look at the financials and determining where the company needed improvements before launching an even more aggressive advertising campaign.

The company�s development team has been hammering out changes to both the back office tools used by their sales and support staff, as well as the customer�s website tools. Before the launch of the advertising, then are working on shortening the production cycle by an additional day. Brian Jinks, one of the company�s leaders stated �It�s not a matter of only speeding up the company�s production cycle; it�s about doing better than we promised.�

They will be ready to release their new ID card and background check toolset in less than a week according to Michael Flanagin, the organizations lead developer. After a testing phase is completed to ensure the applications work well, the ad campaign will resume. Presently the organization is planning on resuming their aggressive marketing plan in early March.
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