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Marketing Success with Postcards

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Post Marketing Success with Postcards   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:29 am

Postcards over the time has proven to be the most cost effective form of marketing, it has become an important business tool for modern business people. Postcards can generate a flow of traffic to your web page or give you excellent sales.

But building a business oriented postcards is not an easy task, there are many factors to be considered and details to be planned for you to be able to print a good marketing postcards. So we have listed below some tips and guides that can help you in deciding what kind of postcard you will need, to get that extra cash flowing in your company.

The first thing to consider is your mailing list; make sure that you send your postcard to people who are likely to be interested in your offer or in your product. For example if you are selling printing equipments then you can send your postcards to commercial printing companies, or yet you can send them to people who have made inquiries in your company before. If you don�t have a list yet and just starting out, you can bid for this lists from mailing brokers.

Give your postcards a personal touch; make it look like as if it is not an advertisement or a product offer, instead design it in a way that it projects a pleasant message. A postcard that portrays a friendly message gives out more positive response from the receiver compared to a postcard that is solely made out of advertising.

Get your message out, be direct to the point. Postcards are usually designed as an open letter or a ready to read material so make sure to get you customer�s attention when they receive it. Make your captions, brief yet direct and easily understood.

Save that sales pitch for phone inquiries. Never close price deals on a postcard, always give them the reasons to call your company for product inquiries. Start up your postcards by briefly giving out the services you offer then the rest should be more focused on encouraging your reader to call to get more information.

Make it the best postcard - go for high quality postcards and send them through first class mail. The minimum size for a postcard should be between 3 1/2 by 5 inches and 4 1/4 by 6 inches.

Timing is also an important factor when sending your postcards make sure to send your postcards on weekdays except Mondays. Tuesdays and Thursdays is the best time for your postcard to arrive for at these times mail loads are usually light, so you won�t have to struggle with some of other mails delivered on that time.

Just keep in mind that simplicity is the best policy. Make your postcards as simple as it can get, without too much graphics and repulsive fonts. Following this advice will surely get you new customers and higher website traffic.
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