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Proper Vinyl Banner Installation Tips

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Post Proper Vinyl Banner Installation Tips   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:34 am

In this day and age, it�s not that easy to make a name in the market. All business persons know this that�s why it�s so important for them to come up with a marketing strategy that would effectively catch the attention of their target customers. In this regard, vinyl banners are among the popular choices in marketing tools. Unlike other banners, vinyl banners allow businessmen to gain the edge that they need to stay alive in the competition.

Vinyl banners are very efficient when it comes to outdoor advertising especially when it comes to branding. They are often used to advertise tradeshow exhibits as well as business conventions. They�re also utilized for home and personal applications.

Being a very versatile form of signage, vinyl banners can stand for a long period of time. What�s good about vinyl printed banners is that they are easy to work with, hard-wearing and multipurpose. Since they are very durable, vinyl banners can be hung, posted or mounted in many different ways.

In view of that, installation of banners is one of the fundamental concerns that you need to consider to make sure that you get the most out of your banners. If you want to have a long-lasting banner, then you have to give attention to detail on the manner by which it was installed.

Here are some of the basic tips you have to keep in mind in installing a vinyl banner:

Carefully consider the location where you will install your banners. Also think about how you will hang the banner in the location you�ve chosen.

Find an area that is very visible to your target audience. It would be much better if the location you�ve chosen to put your banner provides you with a way to easily attach the banner to its surface.
Make sure that there are places where you can make a hole to tie up the banner or a place where you can put the rope for easy hanging.

If you will hang the vinyl banner between two structures, see to it that it is affixed firmly to something that can control a minor wind load on the banner.

If the banner is quite long, you should hang the banner using a cable that is installed between two structures.
You can also consider putting wind slits in the banner.

As much as possible, you should install the banner against a solid object so as to maintain a longer life. The best location is at the side of a building.

The banner can also be pulled straight but make sure it�s not very tight.
To ensure utmost protection, it would be better if you would take the vinyl banner down whenever the wind is blowing hard.

For wall mounting, you can apply woodscrews by means of washers and grommets. When it comes to temporary installation, you can use hook and loop Velcro fastener for easy installation. S-hooks can also be used for easy hanging. Other options include the use of pole pockets and PVC rods.

All things considered, proper banner installation is very important in the life of your banner. Vinyl banners particularly those hanging outdoors are exposed to great wind stress and other harmful elements. If your banner is not correctly installed, the banner will definitely suffer from a lot of problems, which can ruin the overall success of your banner advertising.
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