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A Logical Approach to Know your Prospects

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Post A Logical Approach to Know your Prospects   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:54 am

Your hottest prospect is someone that has just bought from
you. This is your best opportunity for another immediate
sell. The key to successfully doing this is having products
that offer solutions to problems that your prospects have.
Related problems and solutions to those problems mean
increased opportunity for sales.

How simple it would be for the cashiers at the local
discount store to suggest another product that may help
solve the customer's problem. All they have to do is notice
how the products that the customer is currently buying are
related, and be knowledgeable enough about what the store
has to offer to be able to suggest another product that
could help solve the customer's problem.

The buyer that just bought from you offers a prime
opportunity to sell again. Your products must be good,
however, and you must prove to him that your "back-end"
product will also help solve his problem.

Again, I am talking about knowing your prospects' wants and
desires. Your job isn't over once you've sold your customer
his first product. You and your employees should constantly
be striving to find out what problems your prospects have
and then proposing the appropriate solutions to those

If you are focusing on what your customer wants and are
offering him a solution to a related problem, he will not
be resistant to you as you try to "up-sell" him. He will be
grateful for your desire to help solve his problems.

Just remember- your customers are never hotter than when
they first buy. Immediately acknowledge their first
purchase and tell them how appreciative you are. Then,
offer them something else so they'll have the chance to
solve more of their problems and to spend even more money
with you!

You should look for logical product or service extensions
to offer your customers. Using the backend will turn
one-shot sales into repeat customers. Ironically, most
businesses rarely try to sell their current or previous
customers anything again. You should do it constantly.

Most businesses almost make it difficult for a prospect or
customer to buy from them. Most businesses do business from
9 to 5. This is a mistake.

You must be prepared to do business when the prospect is
ready to do business. With the technologies that are now
available, especially with the Internet, there's no excuse
for a business not to have a 24-hour phone service center.
Even a simple answering machine can work wonders if
utilized as a marketing tool.

You must be fanatical about servicing your customers and
having a positive impact on your prospects. You must focus
on their needs consistently. Think of how you want to be
treated when you do business with someone.
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