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Four Powerful Strategies to help achieve your Goals

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Post Four Powerful Strategies to help achieve your Goals   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:56 am

We all have wishes. Wishes are goals, but goals with a
little snap, crackle, and pop. Goals provide the process
that can take you where you want to go, but too often they
don't provide the inspiration to get you there. Wishes are
different. They have impact - like being struck by
lightning instead of by a lightning bug. They let you
dream. They let you soar. They let you tap into a source of
limitless possibility and boundless energy that gives you
the power to accomplish what you might otherwise never have
imagined. How we achieve our goals, are simplified by doing
the following:

Intensify Desire- Desire is the first step of goal
achievement and the foundation. Have you set personal or
business goals and failed to achieve them? Here is a
crucial question: WHY? The answer is simple; because we did
not have a strong enough desire. Some may argue with that.
But I did have a strong desire and still I didn't get there.

How do you identify intense desire, passion? It's what
keeps people working all hours, up early, late to bed. The
desire dominates conversation, thinking, actions. Take a
moment to think about the goals you've set for yourself.
How committed are you to achieving these goals? Under what
conditions would you give up? What if you could
significantly increase your desire to achieve these goals?
What if you wanted them so badly that you knew with
absolute certainty that you would absolutely, positively
never ever give up?

When you are truly 100% committed to reaching your goals,
you move from hoping to knowing. If you want something
badly enough, then quitting is simply not an option. You
either find a way or make one. You pay the price, whatever
it takes. By creating intense desire you can realize the
impossible dream. Develop a sincere desire to achieve the
goal. A wish or daydream has no substance; it is vague,
unformed, and unsupported by action. Desire puts action
into your plan.

Strong desire is success power. How to Intensify Your
Desire, how then can we intensify desire? Here are four
steps you can take to cultivate burning desire to achieve
any goal you set for yourself:

1. List The Benefits. Write down the benefits of achieving
your goal. What is in it for me? Identify exactly "Why" you
want to achieve this goal. List all the ways how will you
benefit personally. Why not do this exercise today with one
of your goals. Have you set a goal for your business to
make $X this month? Making money for the sake of it after a
while becomes mundane. There has to be something more. Make
a list of all the benefits from using that money. What
difference will it make to your family, your lifestyle,
your enjoyment of life, your business growth? What if one
of your goals is to develop a skill or awaken a dormant
talent or ability? Write down a huge list of the benefits
this will bring you and your loved ones, or your business.
The more you write, the more details your mind conjures up,
the greater the intensity of desire becomes. Once the list
gets past 20 or 30 benefits your goal becomes unstoppable.

2. Burn The Ships. If your goals are really important
enough to you, then you can start by burning the proverbial
ships, such that you have no choice but to press on. For
instance, if you want to launch your own business, you can
begin by making the commitment to quitting your job. Write
a letter of resignation, put it in a stamped envelope
addressed to your boss, and give it to a trusted friend
with firm instructions to mail the letter if you haven't
quit your job by a certain date. If you don't burn those
ships, you are sending the message to your subconscious
mind that it's ok to quit. And when the going gets tough,
as it inevitably does for any worthwhile goal, you will
quit. If you really want to achieve your goals, then you've
got to burn those ships to the ground, and scatter the

3. Feed Your Mind with Excellent Information. Inspirational
books and audio programs are one of the best fuel sources
for cultivating desire. If you want to quit smoking, read a
dozen books written by ex-smokers on how to quit the habit.
If you want to start a business, then start devouring
business books. Go to seminars on occasion. It is advised
that you feed your mind with some form of motivational
material, books, articles, audio programs for at least 15
minutes a day. This will continually recharge your
batteries and keep your desire impenetrably strong.

4. Use Mental Programming. This is a Neuro-Linguistic
Programming (NLP) technique that will help you associate
strong positive emotions to whatever goal you're working to
achieve. Find some music that really energizes and inspires
you. Put on your headphones and listen to it for 15 to 20
minutes, and as you do this, form a clear mental picture of
yourself having already achieved the results you want. Make
your imagery big, bright, vivid, colorful,
three-dimensional, panoramic, and animated. Picture the
scene as if looking through your own eyes. This will help
you form a neuro-association between the positive emotions
elicited by the music and the goal you want to achieve,
thus strengthening your desire. This is a great way to
begin each day, and you can even do it while lying in bed
when you first awaken if you set things up the night
before. You should cycle the music periodically, since the
emotional charge you get will tend to diminish if you
listen to the same songs each time.

If you apply these four strategies, you'll add so much fuel
to your desire that the fire will never burn out. You'll
move towards your goals like a guided missile to its
target, and you'll enjoy the process because you'll be so
focused on the positive rewards instead of the difficulty
of the tasks. If you get enough positive energy flowing
into you, you'll soon have positive results flowing out of
you. Desire is the great motivation. The powerful force
that drives you toward your goals.
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