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Investigation into the global Affiliate Marketing society

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Post Investigation into the global Affiliate Marketing society   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:04 pm

It occurred to me last week as i was trying to concentrate on something much more mundane that I always find that I need a little more cash in life than i have available. Odd you might think, but i'm sure others have thought similar things. If people didn't have a need for a little more cash than they had, why are credit firms so successful?? Anyway, this rambling in my mind carried on until I decided to try to find out what opportunities are out there for people that have the drive to work multiple careers and generate multiple income streams. With today's global marketplace allowing people to share their views and products with a truly global audience, there must be so many opportunities in the currently changing e-world that are currently unfulfilled. This lead me slowly to discover what i consider my first opportunity for parallel income streams which i will describe below. The focus of my path might change as it matures but this is the starting point that I am using in my quest.
In todays global marketplace, a business offering a service or product would be stupid not to offer the product on a global marketplace, let alone market themselves in the marketplace. However, as the internet has become a truly enormous beast, the companies that are using it most efficiently have also changed. Massive marketing corporations have been using 100% hands-free automated home-based business systems means internet business will never be the same. These success systems literally afford marketers to set up and leave the system to do everything. These new arrivals promise to do all the prospecting, marketing, emailing, customer service, and closing the sales for you while all you need to do is call the operators once in a while to say hi! Obviously there have been internet Guru's cashing in on the money making machines well ahead of online opportunity seekers who are often sceptical.

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