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Pixel Advertising - The Million Dollar Pixel Homepage

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Post Pixel Advertising - The Million Dollar Pixel Homepage   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:06 pm

As you are probably aware pixel mania has spread across the internet over the past couple of months. This form of internet advertisement is just like any other form, apart from you buy your ad space in the form of pixels.

One of the factors that make pixel pages so great is that you don�t have to navigate round the site all you need is there on the homepage. Pixel ads are perfect for companies interested in getting their websites really looked at.

First off if you are looking to purchase pixel space you need to be certain to choose the right website. There are now quite a few out there, so deciding which ones are the best can be quite hard. I have stated a couple of pointers you may want to take on board.

1. Look for a legit stat counter on the website. Most of these sites don�t show one because they can deceive people with the number of visitors their actually getting. The ones showing stat counters be careful not to believe them all. Anyone can pre-set a counter to what they want to appear very popular.

2. look for sites with a bit of publicity, it all helps in getting your website noticed.

3. Look for a site that has already got big name companies registered.

If you would like to purchase pixels please feel free to visit my site and select your pixel space. could be generating real traffic to your website now.

Remember for a small one off fee your link will be on the homepage for a life time of advertisement. Therefore increasing your internet traffic and potentially increasing your sales.

For a one off fee you have nothing to lose, this is a legit website worth trusting.
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