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Get Attention By Writing Great Headlines

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Post Get Attention By Writing Great Headlines   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:18 pm

Writing great headlines is to key way to getting material read. If your headline fails to get attention, then this is unlikely. One secret to writing THE great headline is to keep it short and succinct and to be bold in your statement.

A headline must be effective so that it attracts the attention of the reader. In fact, writing a great headline is usually regarded as the most important component of a piece of writing because it is designed to attract attention. Let's take some time to examine the importance of writing a great headline.

Writing great headlines needs to be made up of these: It needs to be intriguing, it needs to evoke some sort of
emotion and the material should force the reader to want to know more. Some people suggest that a headline needs to be believable to be effective, but this not true at all, which is evidenced by the success the tabloids have with capturing attention.

Poor headlines exceed 10 words. So ensure that you keep your headlines to a minimum and that it is concise and very clear. Don't change the font style either - always stick with new times roman style of print.

A good headline should flow straight into the subject matter which means writing a headline that is relevant to the text. If you subject matter is emotional then you need to have a headline that reflects that. If you text is based on logic then you need to have a logical then your headline should be logical too. Writing great headlines ensure your text will get read.

Writing great headlines is just like giving your friend a recommendation for a steakhouse. If they tell you that it is the best steakhouse in town then you will believe them even if you haven't yet been there. In a similar way if you write a great headline then you are almost recommending the article to the reader.

It is always a fairly good idea to get a colleague, friend or a family member to read your headline so you can gauge
their reaction to your headline. Getting a second opinion is always a good idea.

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