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Paid To Place

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Post Paid To Place   Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:14 am

"Desperate Pregnant Mom At the End of Her Rope Discovers How to Make cash money Online"

Please read on about a great way to get paid doing honest work at home during these difficult financial times we're in right now!

Thank you for your kind interest! We want to clearly state that
we're not claiming this is perfect because nothing is! What we are
saying is this is a legitimate Work-At-Home job for the people in America Today!"
We're going to tell you all about it in just a moment, but first answer these questions honestly to yourself.
Are you not happy with your job?
Are you tired of outrageous prices?
Do you need some extra income?
Do you need a real vacation?
I didn't want to... (and you shouldn't either)

Stuff envelopes (ouch!)
Stock products and customer service
Get paid to do surveys (yeah right)
Get paid to process rebates (yeah right)
Get free grant money (yeah right)
Get paid to be a mystery shopper (yeah right)
Build a website and sell products
Join a juice drink mlm
Join any mlm
Useless affiliate programs

the list goes on and on! I'm sure you can gladly relate to or have
tried some of the above. Who hasn't? You can certainly add me to the
list as well because I was looking for anything remotely believable
that I could cling on too! Actually my husband Dennis and I got into an
argument one night when I yelled at him for laughing at some of the things I found and told him I wanted to try. You should have seen the look on my face - I was so mad at him!

And Another Thing...

It's very
disappointing to see all of the scams and get rich quick schemes on the
Internet nowadays that don't work! Some of them are hilarious too! I
mean ones that say you can get rich, with no-selling, no products and
never having to speak to anyone! Yeah right! You'd probably have better
luck finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

after several months of staying up all hours of the night doing my
red-eyed research I started to get pretty good at this. What do I mean
by that? I could actually look at a website or read about an
opportunity and could tell whether it was real or not. Let me explain!
I could almost smell an opportunity that
sounded to good to be true because it was trumpeting such outrageous
claims! I learned to spot what I called the "hype words" in a headline
and the promise of fast riches. Let me show you what I mean, things
Anything with the word "Millionaire"
Riches (big turn off)
Cash machine
Limited Opportunity
Phony take aways
Scarcity tactics
Screen shots of bank accounts
Outrageous earnings claims

And so on and so on...

really would laugh at all of those "cheesy" sites with exotic sports
cars, jets, yachts, and money popping out of the screen of a computer
or falling from somewhere. C'mon get real - that's all I wanted was
something real! Especially funny were all of those bogus review sites!
I found out almost all of those were scams actually promoting the scam!
I got tired of all the fast-buck artists who are just out to suck your
wallet dry! It burns ulcers in my stomach just thinking about it! I
never want to be haunted by any of those websites again! If you are here now reading this you should know exactly what I'm talking about.

enough about all of that. Just a quick dose of reality and I think I've
made my point! So what exactly did I decide and find? That's the reason
why I'm here telling you all about this right now. You see, I didn't
expect nor did I want to get rich overnight during these tough times we
are all having right now. I just want to pay the bills, not have my
husband have to work a second job,
stay at home with Stella and have some money left over for a few
luxuries and that's the bottom line! Let me take care of that and get
some peace of mind first - then I'll think about getting rich!

Here's what I was looking for:
Something that was going to be fun and easy
Something I could be proud of
Something I could start right away
Something that paid me very well
Something I could do when I want and from where I want
Something that a lot of others weren't doing
Something that was real (that goes without saying)
The Almost-Perfect Work At Home job For Today's Economy"

me tell you after months of hype there was something comforting and
downright refreshing that made me feel good the second I saw that. Have
you ever got a feeling before in your life when something just felt right? That was exactly the feeling I had at that precise moment in time.

Get Paid To Place Ads From Home!

Does this
sound to good to be true? "Work from home simply placing classified ads
(online and offline) for our clients. Easy work, great pay, NO selling.
Start today!" Honestly, I thought so myself when I first read it! What
clearly convinced me was this easy to understand explanation.
Best of All It Had to Do With Working At Home!

and why does it work? Because of the Internet, it's now easier than
ever before to make an income from home! The Internet has created the opportunity for new jobs
that can easily be done from home now. You see, they are looking for
people to place ads for them, online and offline, with the internet,
locally and so on. Well let me tell you the more I read the more
excited I got. As I said, it just made sense! Now that I understood the
reason why they were doing this needless to say I took a leap of faith
and got involved immediately.
Here's the Point I'm Trying to Make...

put it simply I took action! I knew after the countless hours of
research this was it! At that point it was my gut talking to me telling
me yes and no I don't think it was Stella. We're talking instinct here!
Let me clearly tell you how this is going to work for you as it did for
me. Fair enough?
Here's what's great about the "Paid to Place" program:
You can do this from anywhere
You can do it online and offline (more income if you do both)
Anyone from any age can learn how to do this
You can start the very same day
You're not an employee
Now, let's look at why they want you:

Reason #1 Companies need people to help them with placing ads, so they can sell more products and save grundles on the advertising!

Reason #2 Companies know that it's becoming less effective and more expensive doing traditional advertising.
What If I Told You...

It's even a better
opportunity right now because of the bad economy were in right now?
Why? The answer is simple, because these companies are now really going
to be watching there advertising dollars and they're only going to be
spending them where they work and no where else! Plus, when business is
down the first thing a company does is advertise to get more business!
That means the deck is definitely stacked in your favor on this!

So what does this mean to you? It means that now is a great time
to start placing ads for "Paid to Place" because of today's economy.
It's really not that difficult and I really mean that! As my
grandfather (I sure miss him) used to always tell me when I was a
little girl "easy to do and easy not to do - the choice is yours!"
All you'll do is follow these three simple steps:

Simple Step #1: Get your unique tracking code for online and offline placements.
Simple Step #2: Place the ads (we show you where and how)
Simple Step #3: Logon and see how much money you have made.

The second one is 50K Funding!
You'll walk through the exact easy steps you need to take to get up to
50K or more in Funding in just a short 60-90 days or less! Regardless
of your situation! This is about you getting spendable cash without
needing a credit report or stepping foot into a bank! Once you have
this "Book" you'll get funded! How exciting is that?

Perhaps You're Wondering...

not going to talk about any outrageous guarantees, phony clock counters
saying you have ten minutes to decide to purchase or today is our last
day. I won't insult your intelligence with that! I saw enough of that
and it made me mad every time I did. What I will talk about is this. If you want the most incredible way (I don't say that lightly) to make cash money that I have found in your hands then you need to do this. If you need to think about it and decide I would say don't do it!

my suggestion. Don't decide now! Simply examine everything and let the
material prove itself to you. If you're not absolutely making money
placing ads while you work at home. Then we'll gladly refund your
investment. What could be fairer? You might find this is just what
you've been looking for. Go ahead and give it a try!

You can turn your life around if you really want too! Remember what my grandpa said? I made it happen and just suppose you can too!

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