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Fish farming

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Post Fish farming   Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:36 am

Hobbybreeding ornamental fish hobby very enjoyable addition to that they adda touch of home decor to restore his life and we will discuss here howthe aquaria with the observation that the fish here is fresh water fishas the fish need salt water to the different equipment

First ... Choice of the pelvis: -

Placethe basin it is important to be chosen according to some rules are tobe in a place of easy access and clean, nearby source of water so easyto fill, a place not reach with the sun directly or up to him not longhours a day, for example, because most types of Fish do not like direct sunlight, the place is not exposed to air currents high
And placed the tub on a flat surface, preferably with a layer of cork under the sink so that it can withstand pressure

Secondly ... Choose the appropriate basin:

Manybelieve that the acquisition of a small tub easier than the acquisitionof a large pool he can count to control it, but this belief is wrongbecause the smaller the basin where introduction of the speed of dirtand the large number of diseases of fish in it, but in the end thesethings depend on the taste of the same person and the size depends onthe basin is also on the type of fish Stervih there are all kinds need large basins Calcmkp gold and types do not need big space Kasmk lacunar and molar, for example
But depending on the size of the aquarium glass thickness is chosen that makes it as follows
Size 30 * 20 * 10 is made of glass 3 mm
40 * 30 * 20 4 mm
100 * 60 * 30 6 mm
150 * 50 * 30 8 mm
200 * 60 * 4010 mm
Afterindustry and paste the silicon material is washed with water and saltor any antiseptic solution with a note rinse well with water only afterwashing it is best to avoid soap and detrimental to fish

III ... Lighting: -

Placedlighting in the cover of the basin, which is usually made of wood andthere are openings for ventilation and must note the number of AloutatAllzimh to illuminate the aquarium, as follows: for each liter of waterlighting and one watt if we say that the basin capacity of 100 liters,the lighting necessary for him to 100 watts and there are many types ofbulbs, but preferably Fluorescent wherehe gives proper lighting and heating, especially in the development ofnatural vegetation within the basin and shall be not less than thedistance light house and the water surface of 15 cm and not exceedLighting tub for 10 hours a day so as not to be a lot of algae on theglass

IV ... Decorative Basin: -

Thispart is due entirely to the taste of the person, but taking intoaccount the following: a bed of the basin (crunches), which is bybrushing the bottom of the tub and there is so many shapes and colors

And the presence of some rocks or games that allow the fish to hide or spin around

Atransplant, whether natural or artificial, which makes Luster of thebasin, but preferably natural because of its breathtaking landscape andbecause it also helps to complete the session invasive of the basin andyou have some photos of natural planting

Afterbrushes tub and install the implant so that the roots are coveredBaljursc and put the rocks are full of the basin with water and filledto the ground to avoid jumping fish from it and Amlwh slowly so as notto spoil the water surging decor, which I made and placed in the waterremover of chlorine because chlorine killer of fish is sold in fishstores and follow the instructionswritten on it and you can add some salt to the water basin is more thanthe fish's immunity against disease by teaspoon per 4 liters of water

V. ... Filtration and ventilation: -

Thechoice of the filter on the fish species to be bred, there are fish youneed to filter strong as they get dirty water quickly and there arefish you need to filter weak but always, the filter is better to filterbiological, but expensive, followed by filter electricity and thenfilter the antenna, including internal and external, and that youadvise Baforeig for easy cleaning and appears in the basin and the supplements are some pictures

And internal

A filter is placed before a ground brushes tub and covered with gravel and is useful for planting natural

We then equipped the air where we need air pump as the image

And rubber tubes

And air stone

Andwe deliver a stone pump air through pipes and laying the air inside thetub to remove the bubbles, whistling works to dissolve oxygen in thewater which is necessary for the life of fish

Finally ... Some guidelines: -

1- never a small number of fish in the basin and the cheap price of somespecies in the basin in order to form the beneficial bacteria thatdispose of fish waste and turn it into a non-toxic and usually consistsof these bacteria after nearly a month
2- When you purchase fish to be active and buy fish that are completeand all fins are bright stain evidence of validity of these
3- put the fish bag that comes in the tub for 15 minutes to take thetemperature of the basin gradually and then mentioned it in the tub,preferably without water when the
4 -feed the fish once or twice daily amount of fish terminates after only5 minutes and not more than this amount even Aitafn food in the water
5 - aquarium water is changed completely every 6 months with the change of third monthly water basin
6- If you are traveling for a period of not more than a week of fish canbe left without food, without any damage, if the increase is put acertain type of food is called food travel shops fish


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Post Re: Fish farming   Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:36 pm

thank you amer
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