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An Infrequently Updated Blog Can Build Loyalty!

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Post An Infrequently Updated Blog Can Build Loyalty!   Fri Jan 21, 2011 3:44 pm

An updated blog will always attract the search engines based upon the
fact they love fresh content. In most cases if the blog update contains
information that is relevant to the platform theme and is properly
optimized your rankings will increase. It therefore stands to reason
that the more frequent the updates the higher the rankings. On the other
hand however the success of your site actually depends upon people
returning. It does not seem however that reader loyalty is based so much
upon frequent blog posting as it is upon the quality of the content or
the overall atmosphere the site presents! It therefore would seem to
make sense to invest more time in trying to create a community like
atmosphere to make visitors more comfortable and compelled to return.
This of course would take time away from your blog posting thereby
making your updates less frequent. Can this strategy work?

Here are 3 undeniable benefits for both the readers and site owner that
can be experienced with a less frequent blog posting schedule.

Dispense Better Information

Most bloggers are in such a rush to keep up with a fast and frequent
posting schedule that it is easy to understand how content quality can
be compromised. Being able to spend more time composing a blog update
allows for more research and therefore better information gets posted to
the site. This can be expected with a decrease in the frequency of

Chance to Develop Relationships

It is easy to get so caught up in continually creating new content and
overlook the reason for why you are blogging which is the people who
visit your site! By easing back on your posting frequency you have more
time to respond to comments directed at you and to interact with others
on the platform. In this way you are better able to give the platform a
'face' by being more social and sharing your opinions in ongoing
conversions. This helps you create a community in which everybody feels
more included and has a chance, if they choose, to participate in any

Learn From Readers

Remember the relationships you are nurturing as mentioned above? Well
hopefully you are also listening to what it is your readers are saying
so you can use their input to better create a community more to their
liking. Whether it is your layout or perhaps the direction people may
want you to take with the next blog update listen to their opinions
since everybody has got one!

A frequently updated blog will certainly help to boost your search
engine rankings if done correctly but the question is how much of a
factor it plays in winning reader loyalty. People no doubt like to read
new content but it seems their preference is more towards the quality of
the blog update more than the frequency of them! In fact people also
have a need for a site that is as welcoming as it is informative and
these are 2 leading factors that compel them to return. By investing
more time in trying to create a community like atmosphere and focusing
more on the people who visit the site a blogger stands a better chance
of gaining reader loyalty. The 3 benefits discussed above can result
from an infrequent blog posting schedule provided more time is dedicated
towards developing better content and a cozier blogging platform for
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