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7 Ways To Make Money On EBay

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Post 7 Ways To Make Money On EBay   Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:07 pm

There are many different ways to make money on eBay which can be
daunting for someone just starting out with eBay selling. Where do you
start? If you would like to add a little extra cash to your monthly
income then you should consider the following seven ways to make money
on eBay.

No. 1 - Sell your own belongings

'But I want my own belongings!' You might be surprised at how many
things you have lying around at home that you haven't looked at in
years, things that other people might be interested in. Those items
currently cluttering up your house could be used to bring in a bit of
extra cash.

No. 2 - Search through charity shops

There's no denying that a lot of the items you find in charity shops
aren't really worth a lot, but just occasionally you might get lucky.
Books and DVDs can be a good place to start, particularly if you stumble
upon any rare titles as these will frequently sell on eBay. If you know
anything about antiques you could also get lucky by visiting these
cheap shops.

No. 3 - Sell your own creations

eBay boasts a surprisingly large demand for homemade items. Whether it
be because people like to know where something was made or some other
reason, there are many individuals that will pay extra for something
that you have created at home. Remember to be honest with yourself; if
you don't have any creative talent you may struggle to make any profit
with this way to make money on eBay.

No. 4 - Buy and sell on eBay

If you aren't creative and don't fancy traipsing the streets to find
things to sell in charity shops then you could consider looking for
cheap deals on eBay itself to sell on for a profit. Some auctions are
created incredibly poorly, with misspelt titles, no photos and more.
These often sell for a value below what they could make with an
excellent listing so why not snap them up to resell?

No. 5 - Find a wholesale supplier

If you're serious about generating a fulltime income from eBay then you
may need to look into finding a wholesale supplier to enable you to
reliably source good products for a cheap price. You may need to buy in
bulk for the best deals, so make sure you have the space to store what
you're buying before you can shift it on the shelves of eBay!

No. 6 - Sell for others

Most people have a huge amount of junk that they would like to get rid
of, especially if they could earn some money for it. Why not offer to
create eBay listings for friends, family members or even just advertise
your services locally? You take a percentage of the final fee, they get
the rest; everybody wins!

No. 7 - Create excellent listings

Don't fall into the trap of creating eBay listings that lose you money.
With an accurate and informative description, a great photograph and an
appropriate title you could find yourself earning more than the rest of
the eBay populace that simply don't bother.

Now you know where to start!
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