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Simple Surveys Online

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Post Simple Surveys Online   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:10 am

Can you really make $500, $1000 or even $5000 a month by simply taking surveys online?

Do companies really pay top dollar for your opinion?

I used to see ads for paid surveys
and I thought it was a complete hoax. I used to think that there was no
way people like you and me could make serious cash just by completing
simple and easy surveys.

And do you know what? After several months, I realized something that has since changed my life...

I Was Dead Wrong!

You see, after some trial and error, I discovered something big. And thanks to this life changing discovery, I now make more cash money taking surveys each month than I ever did working 50 hours a week as a dental assistant.

But what's even cooler is the fact filling out surveys
is much easier than treating people's teeth, and I get to work from
home and do things on my own schedule. No more 8am starts for me!

Each month I receive a HUGE check in the mail and I never have to worry about making ends meet… and I never will again.

I know what you are thinking... it sounds too good to be true, right?

Believe me, I understand. When I first heard about the opportunity to make money online by taking a couple of surveys I thought it was crazy and nothing but a gimmick. It wasn’t until a friend of mine showed me a check for $950 that I started to believe.

This friend had a full-time job, three kids and a busy life. She
said she takes a couple minutes before she goes to bed to fill out a
few surveys and she gets an extra $800 - $1000 a month for doing
basically NOTHING!

was floored. I couldn’t believe that she was making extra money just by
taking a couple of minutes every night to give her opinion.

went home that night and started doing some research. I found out that
being paid to do surveys was nothing new. Companies have been giving
people cash for their opinion, or to participate in group studies for
years. I then realized...

These companies are literally BEGGING to give their money away!

The only difference is that the internet now allows these companies to
collect the information they need in a much easier, faster and a more
cost-effective way… which means they can afford to pay you more money
for your participation.

Sounds great... But Why Do They Need My


At first it seemed odd to me that these big major companies and marketing firms were giving away money cash for my opinion. But in my research I learned that these companies were actually saving money by collecting this data.

Let me give you the example that I found while doing my research…

If a company has an idea about a new product they would much rather spend the money cash
to find out if everyday people, like you and me, would actually buy the
new idea before they invest the millions it would take to produce and
market this product.

OR a company might be unsure as to how to market a new product. So
instead of wasting billions marketing something the wrong way, they
would rather get information from us before they developed a marketing

It's Really a WIN-WIN situation!

These companies have the money –but they need our opinions. You have opinions, and I'm going to show you how to get paid for them every single day of the year!

I realized the Win-Win situation I immediately signed up. And sure
enough, within a few days I was getting offers for all kinds of surveys
and so I started taking a few minutes each night to fill them out. And
then, something exciting happened... My first check came in the mail!

It was the Easiest Money I have ever made!

remember going to the mailbox and opening my first paycheck. I
couldn’'t believe that I had made that much money just by giving my
opinion! I had finally made some money on the Internet!

then and there I decided to take a little more time each day to fill
out these surveys. And guess what? I started making a LOT more money.

And do you want to know the really crazy part?

I actually Enjoy filling out these surveys!

It doesn’t require a lot of work or a lot of thought; it’s easy and
best of all its fun! You get asked a couple of questions for each survey and you give your opinion.

And these surveys ask you questions about stuff you actually like to do or enjoy or know something about.

Once I caught the bug I started filling out surveys whenever I had free
time. I even started filling out a few while I was at work (shhh! don’t
tell my boss).

Taking surveys is fun; it is a stress reliever and best of all… I get
paid for it! My next few checks that came in where HUGE!

For each survey the average pay range is $5 to $100 per survey! If you want to participate in a an online focus group, payouts are even higher ranging from $50 to $150 per hour!

I was making more cash money than I ever had in my life and it all

happened virtually overnight!

That summer I was able to do things that I had never done before. My husband and I were able to:

Take a month long vacation to Tuscany (and never worried about staying on a budget while we were there!)

But then... I discovered a Major Hitchto this Dream Scenario!

There was No Way of finding the Best Surveys, Quickly and Efficiently!

I wasted half my time searching for the 'good' surveys - the ones that pay well and take up the least amount of time!

And my Time Equals Money Now!

at least it would, if I could only tap into the most profitable and
user-friendly surveys out there... there is serious wealth to make, and
I didn't have any time to waste!

The answer quickly dawned on me...

would take ALL the Guesswork Out and Direct You to the Best Surveys Each and Every Time...

and that's Precisely Why I Created survey Dollar!

SurveyDollar contains everything you need to know about:

Where to find the surveys online, quickly and easily

Ensuring you spend the least amount of time doing surveys, for the most amount of money!

How to set up a system that allows a constant in-flow of highly profitable surveys, each and every day of the year!

And most importantly, how to turn this 'hobby' into a lucrative CASH MACHINE that will allow you to quit your boring day job and live your dream life!
es, I realized that all that was needed was a BONA-FIDE system dedicated to sourcing the easiest and best paying surveys available online!

And survey Dollar is the Only Database for Online Wealth
that You'll Ever Need!

I have personally exploited this database time after time... after time! To Astounding effect!

And Now it's Your Turn to Discover the
Power of Survey Dollar for Yourself!

It has been nothing short of awesome for us!

Here are some other things we're able to do because of this incredible program...

  • Earn extra cash for spending on entertainment or dining out at our favorite restaurants more often

  • Pay off my credit card debt
  • Start a college fund for our children

  • save money for our retirement

showed you the pictures above not to brag but to simply demonstrate how
easy it is to use the extra cash you'll start making thanks to Survey
Dollar! We were able to do everything on this list with the money that
I made from just 4 or 5 months of taking surveys.

After that summer of fun I was making so much extra money that I decided to quit my full time job and work from home filling out surveys.

Everyone told me I was crazy to leave my job and take a chance on these surveys. But I have proved all those nay-sayers wrong.

I now make more money than my husband does and
my job is filling out surveys from home!

And the best part is that I don’t have a boss, I make up my own
schedule, and I get to be my own boss. I work when I want to and I
answer to no one.

So far I have been taking surveys as my full-time job for over 6 months now. I make WAY more cash money than I ever did at my dead-end job, I am happier and my life has changed in such a positive way.

And now I want everyone to know about this amazing opportunity. These
companies are giving this information away… so why not take them up on

Anyone has the opportunity to make cash money online by

taking surveys!

And I do mean anyone! If you have a computer and internet access then
you have the ability to double your income virtually overnight!

I think this is perfect for:

Anyone looking for part-time work

People interested in boosting their current income

College students or teenagers

Stay-at-home moms or dads

People who work from home

Anyone who wants to quit their dead-end job!
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