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Get Paid To Play Games

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Post Get Paid To Play Games   Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:40 pm

Make Thousands of Dollars Every Month

Playing Video Games!

I'm Not Going to Waste Your Time Bragging About How I Sit in a Lazy Boy

Eating Chips and Playing Video Games All Day. Instead, Let Me Show You

the Reality of Video Game Testing...

If You Made $30/Hour

You'd Be Making...

20 Hours/Week: $600/week! That's over $2,400 a month! 30 Hours/Week: $900/week! That's over $3,600 a month! 40 Hours/Week: $1,200/week! That's over $4,800 a month! That's $57,600/year!

Imagine Being The First Person You Know

To Play the Newest PS3 or Xbox 360 Games Before

They Hit Store Shelves

You've probably realized by now that game testing is a real job. It'sa competitive market, since a lot of people want to become gametesters. And without experience, you're going to need to learn a fewthings.

At Only4Gamers, We Have Cracked The Code On Scoring Video Game

Testing jobs, And Our Information Is Not Available Anywhere Else Here is just a sample of what you'll find inside our Members Area...

  • An exclusive, daily-updated list of the absolute best testing jobs (adding 10-15 new jobs per week).
  • The truth about whether you need a college education to become a tester (hint: you don't)
  • A list of over 120 gaming companies who are constantly on the lookout for new testing talent
  • Our private list of top-end gaming companies looking to fill positions immediately
  • 8 eCourses, with each course containing as much content as our competitors' entire offerings.
  • Our team has years of experience in the gaming industry and we'veinvested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into compiling thisknowledge into our Game Testing Courses and Membership Area.
  • The truth about getting game testing jobs with no prior experience, or if you're under 18
  • Our fool-proof, step-by-step process for going from newbie to hired, making $10-30/hour your first day on the job!
  • 5 things never to say to a gaming company
  • 5 ways to get experience in the gaming industry no matter your current age, location, or occupation
  • The top 4 qualifications gaming companies are looking for
  • 3 things you should do to get the highest paying game testing jobs
  • How to move from making $10-30/hour on your first assignment to making $90/hour
  • 4 warning signs a game testing job is bad news, and why you should run the other way!
  • And So Much More!
  • Here's a 2-minute video tour of our members area (something none of our competitors will give you):
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