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Job Vacancies in the Oil Industry

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Post Job Vacancies in the Oil Industry   Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:41 pm

Thousands of job Vacancies in the Oil Industry! Apply Online Today!
Get the latest employment and oil industry newsGood morning. Welcome to the only international, industry wide,officially recognized guide to offshore oil rig employment. Ourinformation and services have helped many people get a job on an offshore oil rig.

  • LOOKING FOR A job OFFSHORE? New Starts or experienced.
  • Don't know where to start?
  • Struggling to find employment departments and solid contacts?
  • Do you know which companies are hiring right now?
  • Do you know which companies take on new starts?
  • Fed up with tired old job sites where your Resume is rarely seen?
We will get your Offshore Oil Industry career off to the best possible start!

Our most common testimonial:- "This has been the best start for me. Thank you."We have been helping people gain employment in the offshore oilindustry since 1998. offers you the best employmentplacement service for the offshore oil industry available today. Youcan not get off to a better and faster start. 100% Guaranteed.We uncover the best kept employment secret. Ever wonder why some unlikely guys get a job in oil and gas and you don't?Do you want a better job? Getting a job in oil and gas is not like getting a job in any other industry! Our Job is to help you. Our dependable services make the difference between getting a high paid oil job or not.

Make this the turning point in your life. Who knows where it couldlead? In a few days you could be starting a new high paid job withinfinite possibilities. Perhaps you have the ability to be in charge ofover 100 people and a rig. This industry is one that really likes topromote from within. You could travel the world and get paid a massivewage with half the year off.Your Résumé / CV to every significant oil industry company. Over 1200 of the best US and select International Oil Industry Companies! Companies that are known to recruit new starts.
Addresses constantly updated, so no dead mail.
Companies that recruit tradesmen / women.
Offshore agencies.
Your Résumé / CV will arrive as if you had sent it yourself.
Seen by personnel department or manager.
Fill in a short form and click the button. Simple.
Everyone gets feedback. Guaranteed.
97%of people who read our newsletter E-mails say they would not have got ajob without it! Including people who have worked offshore for years.
Here is a small selection of what you will learn:
Key points that offshore bosses love to read in the Resume / CV.This really catches the attention of bosses because you appear to besomeone that knows what you are talking about or you learn real fast.Either way is good. This industry is different. You need to talk the talk.
How to make your Resume / CV powerful for the Oil Industry. Do notwaste your time sending the same Resume / CV to the oil companies thatyou send to other companies. Our forms are short but sweet for a reason.
How to use your Cover Letter. Too many people rush this, it is vitally important. We show you how.
Key points that offshore bosses love to read in the Cover Letter.
How to push your name to the top. Like everything in life, this is easy when you know how.
You can not afford to waste time and money cash with job sites that do nothing for you. Or those that promise the earth but still do nothing for you. You can not afford to waste time and cash money with general job sites that have no idea what it takes to get a job in the offshore oil industry.
Professional Services - Get the competitive edge.

Getting a job in the offshore oilindustry is not like getting a job in any other industry. Our fullmembership professional services are designed for this industry and they really work.
Get your job search off to the fastest possible start.

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